How do you get past a slump

(Brad) #1

So I’m getting a little down, thought I retained more than I did. It’s like starting over :sob: is there anything you guys recommend for getting over these little slumps?

({John15}) #2
  • watch cool videos of people throwing
  • learn a new trick
  • by a new yoyo or gear like strings or something
(Spinworthy Glen) #3

I definitely don’t recommend buying a new yoyo to get over a slump.

Stop throwing for a couple of days, then perhaps go back to learning some tricks that may be more achievable for your skill level.

(Tyler) #4

How long has it been since you last threw a yoyo? Just gotta keep at it. Maybe do the easiest tricks you know to just build up confidence before moving back to harder stuff again.

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(Brad) #5

Right now i can’t even throw a viable break away, I have a pretty good bind going but it’s been over 10 years

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(Tyler) #6

Oh dang so it’s been a minute - just gotta brush off the cobwebs and you’ll be right back on it!

(Justin ) #7

Why not? A new throw can add some freshness to your playing and maybe spark some new inspiration!

(Brad) #8

I wish I could right now it isn’t in the cards, I’m thinking of getting something responsive to mess around with when I get the cash

({John15}) #9

Oh wow, yeah sorry I didn’t realize you were this green. Maybe getting a responsive yo-yo would help at this stage

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(Spinworthy Glen) #10

Doubtful, but maybe. It isn’t a cycle that is necessarily helpful. Slump -new yoyo, slump -new yoyo…


Just throw front style lol

For each yoyo sesh you should try to end it on a high note. (dank, smooth combo, bind, remove finger loop) If you put the yoyo down frustrated with your inability to land a trick you’ll have a harder time picking it back up next time! For me at least.


Different perspectives work for me. Doesn’t need to be a new yoyo. Old ones work too!

(Brad) #13

Green ? HAH I’m so rusty imma need a 55 gallon drum of wd40

(Brad) #14

Yes this could get expensive lol


This is honestly how I’ve built my collection since I’ve started throwing and I’m extremely happy with doing it this way.

Bored or can’t come up with any new tricks? I buy a new yoyo. Usually the only time I buy new yoyos honestly

(Justin ) #16

Well sure, if buying a new yoyo were the only method to beget inspiration. But it’s not. Buying a new yoyo is just one of the many many ways one can lift themselves out of a rut. This time it could be a new yoyo, the next time some other form of inspiration.

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(Brad) #17

Like I said right now that isn’t an option, I’m thinking I need to push through this and work on good front throws until they are straight. Work on not having and slack on my binds

(Justin ) #18

I understand; I was just replying to @Glenacius_K.

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(Brad) #19

No problem, I wasn’t trying to be mean or anything guess my frustration is showing in my posts tonight. I’m sorry bro

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As a newbie or someone coming back I definitely wouldn’t recommend buying new yoyos right now

I was just saying I don’t see it as a problem once you’ve actually been grinding for a bit