tips on how to get back into yoyoing

So i just picked up a yoyo again today for the first time in about 8 months, and im just not feeling it. i have just been gaming nonstop and got bored of yoyoing. now i want to pick it up again. got any tips on how i can regain my love for yoyoing?

Kiss your yoyo and “Get to know it better”

Oh and “play” with it.

dont take the words in “here” wrong though

i have played with it. it just seems boring to me now

go learn a new trick, that always helps me.

No haha I was joking there.

In all seriousness, take up a new style like 3a 4a or 5a if you havent already.

Do Mobius, watch player videos and try to copy their tricks, do lots of grinds, do behind the back tricks, do horizontal tricks.

Do odd tricks

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Watch videos of people, it usually inspires me and fuels me to play more.

Get half way through a trick that you know, and then think to yourself “What something that I wouldn’t think of trying right now”. Try that out, even if you think it’s stupid/it will fail.


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You can’t force yourself to love something. If you have any interest at all, just throw casually here and there. Make it a small part of your day. If there’s latent love, it’ll grow again. If there’s not, maybe the relationship is over!

I know the people around here don’t like to see others leaving yoyo because it reminds us that our own love for yoyo could diminish and it breaks our hearts. :wink:

But realistically… not everyone sticks to every hobby they ever pick up for their lifetimes. Can’t remember the last time I painted a watercolour. But I plan to again someday.

Maybe you’ll love yoyo again someday. Maybe you won’t. The yoyo community is better for having you around either way-- for the time you put in already and for the time you may yet put in!


Heyyy i remember you! Welcome back!

Try a new wacky yoyo that doesnt fit your preferences whatsoever. Then try a different style with it, like 5A! That should spicen things up! Maybe buying a new yoyo? Maybe that old super exiting rush and suspence when waiting for a new throw in the mail might awaken the yoyo beast inside :wink:

And to the post quoted, oh god…

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Watch videos. I was in a similar lull and i watched this Janos Karancz video and it instantly got me motivated again.
I’ve been a hobbier for a long time. I’ve always had some kind of hobby, be it r/c, yoyoing, surfing. One thing i’ve learned is that no matter how much you love it, you will have lulls. Sometimes you’ll be super stoked on it, then all of the sudden your not motivated anymore. It just happens, and rest assured you will eventually get back into again. And when you do, it will be full bore, with twice the enthusiasm.

  1. Watch Jensen Kimmitt videos.
  2. Buy a new yoyo. That is what REALLY helps me.

My best advise is to take your yoyo everywhere and perform for ppl. Dont be scared to show off a little thats what keeps me going.

I’d say watch tons of videos, world champion stuff, top players, etc.

Also learn some new tricks/a new style.

Get a new throw too! :slight_smile:

It will either make you super stoked, or wanna quit. :slight_smile:

Watch videos

keep one in your pocket. they don’t take up much room. throw it when you have a minute and are so inclined. you don’t have to be a “serious yo-yoer” to be a yo-yoer or even to be a good yo-yoer. i think putting pressure on yourself to get back into it is the best way to ensure you won’t.

when you don’t attach any other ideas or goals to it, playing yo-yo is pretty fun. that’s enough.

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a bit of both actually  :slight_smile:


Work on your sleeper is the best advice.

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Just try yoyoing just do it once you do the yoyoing learn a new trick.