How to Learn New Tricks?

Where does everybody learn more. I know i can make up my own tricks and elements, but does anybody have some suggestions as to where I can pick up some more stuff? If possible it would be great if you guys can list everything that got you to where you are with the yoyo. Im really looking forward to improving and playing more.

Billy-Bobs (The hyphen is to keep it from saying ‘some other site’) has just been releasing some newer stuff that’s different from the trick ladder, go check that out. Rethinkyoyo has some awesome tricks, and a really detailed breakdown too. CLYW cabin tutorials are by far some of my favorite tricks, but most of them are fiendishly hard. Mrmatio has breakdowns on world class player’s tricks. Stuff like Hiroyuki’s speed combo, that arm trick that Zach does, Paul’s gyroscopic flop, etc. Mr yoyo thrower has a bunch of 1a tutorials with cool elements. Brandon Vu has that play like the pros tutorial series going on. Toshiyotokyo has some small elements, but they’re easy to pick up and are good to know. You could also just search 1a tutorial and you’ll find some neat stuff. You should be able to find all of that on YouTube.

That should keep you busy :slight_smile:

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You been done just be mean to YYE :smiley: (I seriously heard someone say that except it wasn’t referring to YYE)

But, yeah, they’ve got good tutorials.

What level of play are you at sslive2play.

The YYE trick ladder covers most of their tutorials, but they just released some newer stuff like breath and those tutorials by Tessa.

Hey Zorro,

Not sure quite how to describe my level. It’s not high thou , I can do pretty much all the stuff on YYE. Looking to try some new stuff and take it to the next level. I’m still nowhere close to a lot of you guys. Thanks for all the help everybody

do a weird mount then try to do something normal from it.

do a normal mount then try to do something weird from it.

Weirdness is just something that doesn’t feel right at all. A lot of my stuff starts out with me just goofing off then realizing what I just did was actually quite good, so I try and replicate it. Oftentimes the weird stuff is very sketchy at first, so you really gotta smooth it out, but that’s my trick developing process and it seems to work. Just do something super wacky.

I watch a lot of videos and take different elements that I see I like and then I try to ass my own twist to them and before I know it I have a new combo

I love this. Owen you’re on your way to becoming the next Rico Norris. :smiley:

It has already been mentioned, but here’s the link just in case it escaped your notice:

86 Cabin Tutorials right there. By the time you’ve learned and perfected all of those you’ll be well on your way to yo-yo mastery. :slight_smile:

“Do a weird mount, then do something weird from it.” -Rico Norris.

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This is how you got so good Gambit? I don’t know why, but these tutorials give me trouble, same with other tutorials that are nothing but visual learning. I don’t know how people do it. It put me off a little bit trying to learn a trick just by visually watching it. But I haven’t given up. Is there any tricks you think someone of my skill might be able to easily learn?
I guess the question goes for anyone reading this… I’m looking to learn new tricks that seem hard, but are actually very easy… Also, slack tricks. They seem so difficult. any tips or help that anyone can give me when learning slack tricks. Besides making sure the tension on the string.

Hahaha, you flatterer you. ;D

Actually I personally gave up learning tutorials back before I even learned Skin the Gerbil or Kamikaze/Spirit Bomb. I wanted to build my own unique style from the ground up (well, try to at least) so I vowed that I’d have to come up with everything myself.

That being said, this approach isn’t for everyone. It’s been a somewhat frustrating journey at times, and no doubt if someone’s (not the forum member) goal was just to ‘get really good’, then learning all the Cabin Tutorials would probably have been a better way to go.

Cabin Tutorials seem to be geared towards those who are already pretty good. They kind of assume you already know most of the mounts and elements on their own so it’s just a case of stringing them together in the series that they show.

If you are already at a pretty high level, this is enough. I don’t doubt that those who have been throwing for many years will find Cabin Tutorials easy to learn from, but I can imagine for those who haven’t been throwing as long, it must be a bit more difficult.

You mention you find it difficult to learn tricks just from viewing, do you mean that you’d prefer audio commentary or that you’d prefer a breakdown of each individual part of the trick rather than just a run-through?

Slack stuff isn’t as difficult as it looks, but you are right in that string tension plays a big part. I’ll see if I can dig up some tutorials for you.

I actually plan on getting into making a tutorial series myself in the coming months (time permitting). I’d like to make a range of them from some of the basic fun little elements I have to some of the more complicated stuff, so hopefully there’ll be something for you to learn. :slight_smile:

That is pretty amazing, must be extremely hard to come up with your own style from the very beginning. I think commentary would be extremely helpful in tutorials, not sure though. I guess the visual videos like Cabin and Slusny Tutorials seem to make it harder to learn. I saw one Cabin Video that I would really love to learn is Aces High. I’m sucker for things that have to with cards. lol I’ve learned most of the YYE tutorial tricks. Recently learned and whut. Never tried making up my own stuff, basically string together tricks I already know, but would love to widen my arsenal of tricks. And I look forward to seeing your tutorial videos. Hopefully I will learn a lot. and I truly appreciate your help with slack tricks. Slack just seems tough. But like I said, I am hopeful and wont give up.

yes Gambit can’t wait for them

Yaass. #GambitTutorials