what's after "master" tricks?

A few months ago I finished learning every trick on this site. At this point I can do almost every one of them with relative ease, but I’m getting bored and slowly drifting away from yoyoing. Any advice on what tricks to learn next? other tutorials? once YOU learned everything on YYE, what did YOU do? Also, I’m not looking for people to say “make up your own tricks”.

CLYW cabin tutorials

For sure haha

funny story, I’m a lefty, so overhead views on tricks are tricky unless I can manage to mirror the image. I’ll try them though, thanks!

But on the bright side during the front facing shots you just mirror the person’s movements :slight_smile:

Also, youtube has this cool new feature where the uploader can choose if their vids can play in slomo. You go to the settings/quality tab and there’s a playback speed option. I’ve been learning tricks from Janos Karancz 2014 video (some amazing slack tricks and rejections in there). The only drawback is you have to be on a computer to select slow motion.

So to summarize, go to some of your favourite vids and see if you can playback in slow motion (adam brewster comes to minds since he’s left handed)


Don’t worry about it for tricks on cabin tutorials there are plenty on slusny’s YouTube channels.

thanks so much, Im trying that now

How do you do that?

CLYW cabin tutorials (as mentioned)
Slusny (as mentioned)
rethinkyoyo.com appears to have some fairly advanced trick tutorials

Some pro players have posted some POV videos of their own tricks. A few of them with slow motion. Takes a little bit of searching but they’re out there.

Same button where you change the quality (ie 480p, 720p) there’s another drop down menu for play back speed. Not every video has it available though.

I always download the videos and play them locally frame by frame.

Once I learned the tricks from YYE, I started to make my own combos. I find them much more fulfilling.

I also have hard times learning from tutorials, so I didn’t see the point in searching for more. I believe that once you know the fundamentals, you should be able to make up your own stuff. It’s more creative. It’s more fun. It’s less about somebody else’s trick, and more about you. Developing your own personal style can be achieved once you know the basics. Since you know all the tricks on this site, I’d say your up to the challenge.

*this is all based on my own experiences/opinions.

You’re gonna have to start making your own tricks sooner or later :stuck_out_tongue:

You look like a much better yoyoer when you have your own tricks and combos, even if they aren’t that great

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yeah, I see what you mean. I’ve made up my own combos and a few tricks, but I just feel like the tricks on this site aren’t “enough” basics to create really intricate, flashy combos, like those seen in the clyw cabin tutorials.


I branched out and started making up my own tricks and combos after advanced section, don’t even talk about the expert and master sections xD

Expert and master sections aren’t any harder per say than the advanced. some of the tricks are just longer, and/or introduce slack. For me, learning revolutions and spirit bomb were a million times harder than ladder escape or white buddha.

I haven’t learned any of the master tricks completely. They’re too long and boring.