i am at a loss for tricks to learn

alright so I’m at a loss of tricks yoyo wise or at least i cant find any. as of now I’m liking magic drop tricks and slacks as of now. i also have been liking slacks and whips. I also have been liking intricate tricks with basic elements to it. post any if you find might be interesting or fun to learn.

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Just go on 365 yoyo tricks and wander. It’s fun and works.

Cabin Tutorials from CLYW have some great tricks, as well as Rethinkyoyo.com.

Make up your own tricks. BTW, you said as of now…as of now. :stuck_out_tongue: Why and how and for what reason i noticed that i don’t know.

yeah i have ut they all have been similar


I know I’m doing a self-plug, but I have a lot of basic tricks on my tutorial channel. Check it out and tell me if you like it.


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wow I haven’t seen your tutorials. Thanks for this. Time for me to get to learning.

Awesome, a new (to me, LOL) tutorial channel! Time to get learning.

Oh, and I’ll do a self-plug too…check out the link in my signature! My channel has four tutorials for original tricks and a fifth one is coming on Wednesday. Tell me how you like mine too!

This channel has quite a few HARD tricks.

Just went to Cabin Tutorials and learned something new! Thanks everyone!

Watch the pros, like Yuuki Spencer, Jensen Kimmit, or Zack Gormley (just to name a few) and base your stuff off them. You’ll get some great ideas from their trick concepts.

This is good advice to come up with combos, but I believe that originality will dwindle if you base your tricks on other players. Players tend to become generic copies of the yoyoers they emulate.

One way I come up with tricks is that I ask non-yoyoers to watch a trick of mine. I ask them what they think would make the trick even cooler, and I try to replicate what they suggest. It is really a great way to come up with some cool concepts!