CLYW Cabin Tutorials

Hey guys, has anyone learned the Justin and Zacks baby repeater? if so, can someone help me out or make a tutorial for it? Thanks guys!

That was actually the first Cabin Tutorial I learned. I still can’t do it backwards, but I might be able to help you out with the regular version. I’ll pm you later.

Diddo. I can sometimes do Zach’s. (the backwards one)

Why does everyone love these?
I think there terrible.
No instructions, mo talking. Its hard to follow what’s happening sometimes…

Well it depends on your skill level. Some people can mimick a trick somebody else does by simply watching the trick over a few times

This is exactly how I feel! A tutorial should actually teach you the trick step by step

I don’t think they’re terrible, but I don’t think they’re the best. I love Miguel Correa’s tutorials on The Definitive as my baseline “Here’s how I like my tutorials”… but it’s all personal opinion I guess.

I think the two straight-on views used in Cabin tutorials aren’t the best choices. You lose all sense of depth, so although you can identify which string segments to land on and grab (and therefore, you CAN piece your way through!) you end up losing a sense of how the trick is unfolding as a whole. A few 3/4 views in there would go a long way, IMO.

Talking I can generally do without; a few strategic pauses are sufficient. But sometimes it’s done well! Certainly talking or text are helpful in parts that aren’t immediately obvious.

In an ideal world where people got paid for doing these instead of just doing them out of the goodness of their hearts or for tangential marketing purposes, tutorials would be tested by target audiences. So if in the test group there is an intermediate player trying to learn a trick that they “should” be able to handle, the tester would would be able to say, “Yeah, I just don’t get it… maybe explain that the left hand has to pass under the right hand before moving forward?” or whatever.

Well I’m not a fast learner, and I usually have to find two or three tutorials on a complicated trick before I can piece it together.
Let’s be thankful for people that take the time to give you any kind of a tutorial. They put in countless hours of practice to come up with these tricks, and they are giving you a chance to get a good look at them.
Even if you only pick up part of a trick, it will help you develop as a player and enrich your style.

Really? I find them ideal. Granted sometimes some talking helps, but I’ve learned 5-6 of the cabin tutorial tricks and I haven’t run into any issues.

I download em and watch em frame-by-frame for the hard parts. Because I watch things frame-by-frame, the cut-to-text for 5 seconds ruins the whole flow, as does voiceover instructions.

A great point. Even for tutorials with slo-mo, I slo-mo the slo-mo… :wink: At that point, the text becomes a pain, and the voiceovers are incomprehensible (well, I just turn the sound off).

@kevinm: absolutely above all else, I’m grateful to anybody who puts together any form of tutorial whatsoever. :smiley:

I absolutely dislike the tutorials as well. Yes maybe a pro player can quickly watch it and perform the tricks, but i need better visual , or talking or something!!!

I am glad that Charles takes the time to create the tutorials, they are awesome! But I am left handed, so I get confused very easily during tricks if I don’t see it a certain way or if someone doesn’t explain it too me. I learn pretty fast and have learned things on my own, but if someone could help me with a couple of the cabin tutorials, not a full video tutorial, but maybe an explanation on what is going on, that would be nice and I would really appreciate it! I did learn the first part of the chedda and guac, but it took me a long time to learn because I sometimes didn’t understand how he put his hands

Is there anyone that can please help me with Justin and Zach’s baby repeater and also with the new one, danny’s turtle shell escape? Thank you!

I wished desperately for some sort of 3/4 view when working on “I be a minute GT”, but despite all that, today I finally landed it! Yay, Cabin Tutorials!

Now if only I could figure out how to land it more consistently, and in that consistency to get fewer accidental binds and wambles in the gap!

I’d agree that they aren’t the best but like some others stated… just pause it and move ahead frame by frame… I learned stop and go GT off of that website and it took a little bit but after watching it over and over i was finally able to get it. Same way when i learned Candy Slack… just had to watch it a lot and go slow with the vid.

i think the tricks are for some skilled players/ skinny skilled players lol. (i hate how i lift weights and cant scratch my back which = i cant do body wraps at all :confused: lol) but for the most part all tutorials you have to patient with. I dont know anyone that can just watch a tut and do the trick like nothing. But if i watch it 4-5 times and go peice by peice, figure them out then work for smoothness and perfection it works the best. i got down 6 of the tuts and 2 of them in 2 hours today! :smiley:

I have said this one or two times before around here, but I am not really a huge fan of the Cabin Tutorials as a way to actually learn a trick, I do enjoy them because they entertain me, watching one knowing its going to entertain me more than actually teach me really helps me come away not frustrated.

Also, I am a left handed thrower as well. HI-FIVE O/ , and I actually figured out that the biggest advantage to being a left handed player is that I can pretty much just mirror the videos (sans the overhead cams) which makes things way easier.

I also second GregP with the Miguel Correa as the “gold standard” for tutorials, YoTricks tutorials are pretty ace, and I really haven’t seen a newer tutorial from the Gsquared guy ( Jake , right? ) that I didn’t like either.

But yeah, I am pretty “meh” on the Cabin tutorials.

If you have any tips for “I Be a Minute GT,” I’m all ears. Or better yet, footage of someone other than Chuck doing it, from a different angle (beg, beg, beg). I’m getting there slowly (watching at 1/10th speed!) but just when I think I’ve got it, I don’t.

ill try to learn it again gave it 20 minutes and gave up lol but yea ill try it out again and let you know if i can help you out! :smiley:

ever check out alexis JV tutorials? hes left handed and amazing! if you havent you should he got great tuts to me atleast lol