CLYW Cabin Tutorials

I really like the cabin tutorials, and I find them tough but achievable. Such great tricks. But recently, I read some guy say that they are only ‘intermediate’ tricks. Now, I will feel like giving up yoyo for good If that stuff is Intermediate because I find them so hard. Surely they are top tier tricks, right?

They’re great tricks! Why consider quitting because they aren’t the toughest out there? Yoyoing is evolving, growing in complexity. It’s a unique field of opportunity for individuals to push their imaginations, be creative and open their minds to new possibilities.

If we could all do the toughest tricks, accomplish all there was to accomplish with a yoyo, would we still yoyo? The joy of yo-yoing is moving at your own speed, tapping into your own ideas, feeling the pace and flow of the yo, acquiring a new skill, seeing the same thing differently, changing your perspective, and enjoying the moment.

If we need to be the best at everything, or quit, many of us would do very little. Isn’t it better to do the best one can and grow? Just my perspective.


Some of the Cabin tricks ARE “intermediate”. But most of them are “advanced” or whatever top-tier category you want to give them.

But mostly… what skitrz said.

They may not be the ‘hardest’, but that does not in any way make them unviable in competition play.
Moreover, yoyoing is fundamentally a form of performance art; tricks originally are made for their visual appeal. If you like the way a trick looks, then you have all the right to go for it; conversely, if you have to tell people one by one ‘you cant understand how hard my trick is without trying it yourself’, then that would mean it isnt a good trick. Over the years, the two primary ways to catch the audiences attention have contributed to the evolution of the two major criteria of contest scoring: series of coordinated, intricate movements became Technical Execution, and conspicuous, mass appealing big moves brought Performance Style (later split). The trend of devising tricks based on these two aspects matured in the aftermath of the Low-wall revolution, and we now see that yoyoing in general has changed little since 2011, far less than within a single year of 2009. Watch Evan Nagao and pre-2008 Mickey and Yuuki, and then you know what i mean.

May i please have a link to these tutorials?

Go on YouTube and type in cabin tutorials, and a folder comes up with close to 60 tutorials.

What do you think is the easiest and the hardest. CLYW cabin trick tutorials.

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I don’t know about them being “intermediate” or “advanced” or whatever…I don’t think Charles and Jensen give that aspect of things much thought. What they do is film tricks that are interesting, fun, and compelling for them, and they hope that others feel the same way.

As far as whether or not they would work in competition, that’s more up to the player to make that happen than the tricks to be “competition worthy”.

Basically, I wouldn’t worry too much about whatever some random dude on the internet is calling them. Unless he’s a serious competitor or a contest judge, there’s a really good chance he has no idea what he’s talking about. :wink:

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steps to cabin tutorials.
1.) google
3.) click “cabin tutorials”

enjoy :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t really consider quitting if they were considered intermediate. It would just be disheartening.

Some of the tricks aren’t too difficult, but I find others are. For example, I didn’t find ‘Creepin’ GT’ or ‘Barbecue Sliders’ too hard, although I still don’t land them consistently yet.

It’s a Canadian thing, I’m sure. Intermediate probably means more difficult than in the US or Australia. I mean, they call a hat a tuque (or is it toque?), a couch is a chesterfield (or an ottoman if you have a million dollars), and when they pay the electric bill, they pay their “hydro”. And don’t get me started on the letter U popping up in all sorts of words. It’s nutty up there. :wink:

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It’s a toque!

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Thanks, PJ.
I’ll give you one thing. Poutine has to be one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I used to live in Bellingham Washington and that dish made it down to all the restaurants there. I would drive 20 clicks over the speed limit to get me a plate of that!

MikeEff, you got it almost all right. :slight_smile: We call it a “couch” unless you’re over the age of 70. And then MAYBE a chesterfield or sofa. An Ottoman is for your feet. :slight_smile:

Ha! Thanks, Greg. The whole thing was in jest anyway. And the ottoman comment was a Bare Naked Ladies reference. There’s a line in the song “If I had a million dollars”. It goes “If I had a million dollars, I’d buy you furniture for your house, maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman”. I thought you were a hip old guy like me! :smiley:

I did indeed get a good laugh out of your post. :slight_smile: I missed the Barenaked Ladies reference, though! Wish I had caught it, because it’s a good one!

I’ve never even had poutine lol
Oh and I love that song by the bare naked ladies, oh the nostalgia.