Hey guys! If you guys don’t already know me.
Hai! I’m Wilson Ni. Co-Owner of upcoming company, Jekyll&Hyde:SPINS
and I represent BigYoyoString!
Now, Many of you have probably seen my tutorial series, BYYS Tutorials.
If not, here is the playlist

Well. Now I’m gonna be taking all the requests I possibly can.
Please note, I am a busy person. These won’t be as regular.
But if I get enough support for em, I’ll try and make em every week or every other week.
If I can’t do a trick you request, I’ll try my best to make my own rendition of it.
and If it’s a trick from one of my videos, just leave the video here, and lemme know where the trick starts!

All requests should be posted in this thread. Thank You guys so much <3
Wuvvv You all!

-Wilson Ni AKA Mr.Hyde

Haha! “I be a Minute GT” … there’s a “tutorial” out there, but it’s not clicking with me.

Oh Gosh. I’ve been trying that trick too xD
I have a variant though!

Something horizontal please!

Some 3A would be nice

I’m liking this!
after I get 5 requests. I’m gonna make a video showcasing the tricks
then release tutorials 1 by 1 :slight_smile:

How about ladder escape.

I cannot figure out Lotus Bloom with the current resources out at the moment. An in-depth tutorial would be nice.

I could never do ladder escape!
Hm. Sorry about that.

and Lotus Bloom. That I can do

Isn’t there a rethink tutorial on Lotus Bloom? Thats a super helpful tutorial :slight_smile:

Yes it’s true rethink has a tutorial on Lotus Bloom but I cannot figure out the third step. I never end up in the formation as the person in the video.

Make sure that you know And Whut before learning Lotus Bloom. I tried learning Lotus bloom and could not figure out the first pass before the boing. This is actually the same move as in And Whut. Once i learned And Whut it all clicked.

I can!

Check out my tut on ladder escape ski4dayz

If that doesn’t help you, I don’t know what will xD

And Wilson… remember that time a few weeks ago when I asked you to do a horizontal tutorial?  ::slight_smile:
Do one WITHOUT 1.5 mount or DON, it’s really awkward for me to get into those in horizontal :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t even know and whut xD

Near. all of my dang zontal tricks begin with 1.5
or double or nothing.
if that’s the case. braintwister-esque is the only thing I can teach xD

Is there a possibility of you making a tutorial for ghost? As of now the only one is Kyle Derry’s and its pretty awful hahaha

Whatever xD or any of those spinny generic type moves that you see in like every long horizontal combo :stuck_out_tongue:

I could try!

Also, Andy.
Those all involve 1.5 and double or nothing. ALL of them do


Okay, so now we have the first 5.
I be a min. GT Variant.
a 3A trick.
horizontal combo
horizontal boingy
Lotus bloom.