Suggest the next G2 Tutorial.

Hey guys, looking for some suggestions on the next tutorial you want me to make. I usually make tutorials for my tricks and shorter well known tricks. I say shorter because my tutorials have the vocal instructions and slow motion breakdowns at the end. So of the trick gets to long so does the tutorial :slight_smile:

Here is a link to my YouTube if you haven’t seen it.

Also my tutorials can be found on and my website. As always I appreciate you subscribing, and usually have contests on the channel for milestone numbers.

Let me know what the next tutorial you want me to make is.

There has to be a trick out there somebody wants a tutorial of.

I want a tutorial of Christopher Chia’s 1.5 Rejection. Search it up on youtube, someone has a tutorial, but it wasn’t specific enough and I didn’t get it.

Something Horizontal.

First one ill tackle.

Yay thank you!

From 1:34-1:36. I see it and variations of it a lot.

That would be a rejection whip.

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any of the rejection tricks from this video …  ;D

Ok I’ve learned the 1.5 rejection whip. Working on finding the time to film the tut :slight_smile:

Teach me the entirety of Jensen Kimmitt’s Gomer Pile.

Is there a current breakdown or tutorial out there?

I know you already have a high speed breakdown, but I can’t seem to “get” Running Ninja.

Do I have a tutorial or just the high speed breakdown of it. I can do a tutorial if I don’t. Also might have to relearn the trick :slight_smile:

Iwasawa Tower

The one I saw was “just” the high speed breakdown.

Filming the 1.5 rejection tmw. Leave a trick breakdown on here that you want me to make a tutorial for. Thanks guys!

Grandma Kimmit Sandwich