Suggest the next G2 Tutorial.

there are multiple tutorials for that already

It wouldn’t be a new tutorial, but I would love it if you would redo the Butterfly tutorial with voiceover. I think I’m doing something wrong. I spent a long time trying to get the rotation of the yoyo right towards the end, but once I do catch the loop of slack and go into the Kwijbo-like last part it just never works. I’ve looked everywhere for a better Butterfly tutorial, but you apparently have the best available. I bought a Yelets just to learn some chopstick tricks, and Butterfly appeals to me very much.

Yeah, I need more rejection tricks under my belt.

Any trick would be good though, your tutorials are extremely helpful to me.

Shhhh , Jakes tuts are the best!

Here is Christopher Chia’s 1.5 Mount Rejection

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Iwasawa Whip…?

Is there a breakdown or tutorial out there for me to learn it from?

Jesse is staying at my place this weekend. Maybe he can show me, but that’s not something a tutorial will be able to explain very well lol

Trouble or Nothing.


He is staying at your place? So you live in PA too!?

Anyways, I’ll be seeing him there at Ohio so I’ll see if he has time to explain the trick to me.

Nope I live in Ohio :slight_smile:

The first trick in guy wright’s “easy as tea” video. I do t know its name it just looks cool.

Know any fancy suicides that I don’t? I know a lot… The ones I know about but don’t know are the 360 triangles, double, and behind the back. So… Know any that I don’t?

Go Ohioans!

Well I live in PA, like 4-5 hours away from Olmstead.

I’d like to see some new Brett Grimes videos .

Talked with him a little bit ago. No desire to start again but is working on a tribute memories video.

I know he has stepped out of the lime light , But I’m hoping he’ll come back one day .
a tribute video sounds cool , can’t wait to check that out .


I had been searching for one, but it just isn’t out there. I know there is the video on 365 but it is hard to follow the slow-ish motion. I really want to make this my go-to/favorite trick!