Suggest the next G2 Tutorial.

Not saying a tutorial from Jake wouldn’t be awesome (I do like spoken tutorials), but Chuck did a cabin tutorial for Rancid Milk that’s pretty easy to follow, so I’d recommend looking that up.

I can look into rancid milk. Chuck does a good job in his! But a spoken tutorial helps a lot. I think.


Do a tutorial for a fancy suicide! Please? I love suicides.

What fancy suicide :wink:

If you are into body tricks do the Ballista by Zammy :wink: his tut is on youtube

I don’t know. One I haven’t heard of.

A good fancy suicide:

Tried learning the Wrist Whip to GT Suicide (via a Slusny tutorial) and I can’t get it. Not sure that makes it a “fancy” suicide, but since we’re talking suicides… only thing is, it’s hard to say how much more to add to the tutorial as the movement is seemingly straightforward. I just can’t seem to get a loop for the suicide. Which is weird because the wrist whip creates a giant loop! But when I throw the loop off my hand, it just causes an axle knot and bind. :wink:

this is random and off topic but hey jake i tried a triton today and you definately hit the nail on the head with that one.

I would not mind you doing a tutorial on some tricks like Yellow Submarine (Kamakaze 2) Breeze (breath 2) Superman 2 and Whitebuddha Second generation. I think you could honestly break these tricks down to their components in a really neat fashion.

Excuse my mobile.

Candy Slack

Hey man!

i posted that already…

Seems like I wouldn’t be able to improve on that tutorial much.

Think I’m going to look into rancid milk

Yes. I reposted it in mobile format. Hence my comment.

Same problem, it just doesn’t work. The wrist mount to cross arm GT suicide in the trick Bottle Rocket is very easy. The one handed wrist mount is a bear, though.

Please do! Also Soiled Panties and hashbrowns.

This. The Cabin Tutorial for Rancid Milk is extremely good without voice over, although voice over helps which is why I suggested a voice over for your Butterfly tutorial. However, after finding a video for White Buddha 2nd generation I believe if you know that and the other tricks Zammy listed above it would be a great resource for the community. I can’t find a video or even a mention of the 2nd generation Kamikaze trick, and Kamikaze is my go to trick when I’m just throwing and not really trying to learn anything. I find myself doing that trick over and over, and I can’t find any tutorials on new tricks that a want to learn. I see players doing plenty of nice stuff that I would love to learn, but there isn’t any good resource to learn them. Rethinkyoyo is a place where newer stuff is being put out, but again, I’ve never even heard of the tricks Zammy mentioned and I believe that old tricks being given a more modern touch would be something everybody would look forward to learning.

^ I haven’t been able to find said tricks either.

There goes another trick that I thought I created, along with these other tricks which I found out were already tricks like, Subsist, Drumbeat, Single Player, and Reversicide, all by Zammy, and also the Double Suicide Flytrap Style, done by Hidemasa Semba at Japan National Yoyo Contest 2012 at the end of his freestyle >.<