Tutorial Questions

Hey guys, I am going to make some tutorials this winter, and I need your input. 
I plan on doing mounts and elements that I use.  What else do you want to see me do?
Here is a link to my last tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX0Jhbi-pic&t=27s
I appreciate and want constructive criticism. Thank you)

Looks good! Reminds me of Miguel’s tutorials.

I definitely like tutorials of longer tricks or full combos like in that tutorial. Great way to introduce new elements and mounts as well as some interactions to learn and branch off of to build and incorporate into my own tricks.

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Awesome trick. I don’t see voice tutorials all that often nowadays so this was nice. You could find a backdrop that makes the string more visible (This is rather nit picky though). Most importantly I would slow down the trick in the breakdown. It’s great that you did the entire trick in slow motion, and I think it would make the trick easier to comprehend if you utilize slow motion in the breakdown.

I also like the “pause” between elements you use to explain the next bit of the trick.

Your mic sounds great so there won’t be any problems understanding what your saying.

I love finding crazy creative tricks that have in-depth tutorials, (like this tutorial) so I’d like to see more of this. Any tricks are cool, I would do tutorials for tricks YOU want to do tutorials for.

Overall sweet trick! Just make the transition between elements better (and maybe be even show them at different angles if your feeling saucy), and your good ;D

tl;dr mark gud trick make gud tutorial get m0ni

Edit: fixed stupid amount of Grammer errors.

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