Mr Yoyothrower Tutorials - 1 take tutorial series


In an effort to actually make more tutorials in and around all my other projects I’m doing 1 take, film it on my phone, good enough.

Here’s my Youtube Channel for all my tutorials: Mryoyothrower

The Amazing Egress

Electrical Tape


Scientific Calculator

Reticulated potato

Defenestrated potato

Chops Hops

({John15}) #2

Dude yes!! I’ve really been feeling these kinds of tricks lately. I’ll add them to my #trickaweek challenge bucket, Thanks for sharing!


Woohoo! There is more coming, I’m shooting for 1 every 2 days until school starts up again. We’ll see if I can actually pull it off though :wink:


#3 and 4 are up now!


I’m excited for this. I’ll definitely be learning some of these. I’ve been a fan of your tutorials for a long time. You explain them very well. I often need new elements explained vocally, slow motion alone often isn’t enough. Thanks for taking the time!


More tricks!