My speed combo :)

My new speed combo!



You have seen it :wink:

Nice man! Tut coming?

Never done a tut. So probably not :-\

Unless 5+ people ask for it…

Haha you should! It’s a nice combo for people between Adv. Part 1 and 2.

You dint even need to make a tut. Just shoot it again iin better quality and let me see the whole trick dont let the yoyo or string go off screen and Ill just slow it down and take it from there, seems simple enough, and I love these type of trixks

Tutorial pllllllllllease??? I guess im number 2. Come on peeps ask for a tutorial!

I want a tutorial. Add me to the list.

Permission to request tutorial sir?

Ill request a tut for this also :smiley:


HAHAHA!!! Looks like you have a tutorial to make. ;D

Aww crap -_-

Thanks guys :-\

How do i make a tut. Anyways lol…

Ill just shoot it slow mo?

Yeah and from different angles would be great. And if you have the time you could type out the steps (or just talk)

No offense, just leaving some feedback. It looks good but isn’t that fast. I can definitely see it working as a very speedy trick but you’d have to take out some rolls that don’t include pops at the end to change the direction of the yoyo without waiting for it to settle after a roll.

It seemed fast until now haha!


Depends what you want to do… I HATE tutorials with just text, i don’t understand anything… The simplest way if just to take each part and slow it down… Or you could talk and explain how each part is done as your doing it like andre, or wilson(aznboyaz), or me… You could slow the more complex parts down like wilson as well

Or i could just back out ;D

Nooo! You promised! Haha jk you can if you want. If you don’t want to make a tutorial you should atleast make a slowed down video of it.