Chop Suey

New Tutorial. Put a lot of work into it. Hope you guys like it! :slight_smile:



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I mean no offense, but I didn’t follow that tutorial at all. Maybe you could give better explanation of the trick next time?

How long have you been yoyoing, because you are seriously good

I think he’s been throwing for 4-5+ years

Sorry it was hard to follow for you!
In your opinion what would be a better explanation?
I’m experimenting with different ideas to create the best tutorial I can.
My idea here is to give a front angle of the entire trick and then each step and element of the trick is broken up into separate angles to show exactly what is going on. I highlighted fingers to show where to pinch.

I could add text but I feel like that just makes things a bit more confusing imo.

Thanks bro! I’ve been throwing almost 9 years now.

Do you compete at contests?

Once in a while. I’ve competed at a few contests over the years. Last competition I competed at was VA states this year. I definitely want to compete more. Just a bit tough with travel expenses.

I actually made a gutteral noise of shock when I saw that first GT. Like, a real, out loud, “I can’t believe I just saw that”, noise. This is the next trick I learn.

When it comes to making tutorials: I find that the longer you throw, the harder it is to make a tutorial that everyone can understand. After a while a lot of the skills, elements, and general knowledge you acquire become second nature and you don’t feel the need to explain each individual part. This is fine when you’re showing a high-level trick to a high-level player (read: cabin tutorials, which need zero explanation whatsoever) but can be a problem for entry-level players who perhaps need each movement to be explained in detail. I’d say, given the level of this trick, that you’re tutorial is fine. I have no problems understanding it; but if you want everyone, regardless of skill, to be able to understand you may want to add a voice-over explanation or slow-motion or something.

Killer video. Make more.

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Thanks Ian! I’m glad you liked it! :slight_smile: I definitely understand what you mean. It’s kind of easy to forget that other players might not fully understand certain elements or mounts. I definitely was confused by certain mounts at first such as ladder mount when I first saw it. I just used slow mo for my white ninja tutorial I think I will definitely incorporate all these ideas into my next tutorial. A voice over is a great idea. Thanks for your input!

I can’t believe i haven’t commented on this already, but that trick is epic.

In regards to it being ‘hard to follow’, this trick is definitely not for new throwers.

As a long time thrower, I understood it very clearly.


Thanks Stuart! :slight_smile: it’s epicly hard to land the whole thing consistently lol.

I don’t find that hard to believe

sweeet, I’ll definitley be giving that a go. you got some real nice elements in there

Thanks Paul! :slight_smile: Hope you have fun learning it!

Nice trick and vid, but like how everyone else was saying, it was very very hard to follow for being a sort of tutorial… Still looked smooth though!

Any tips for landing that first GT consistently? I’ve been having a beast of a time with it.

I totally understand bro :slight_smile: One thing that helps me is when the yoyo is swinging up and over to land in the gt is to bring your throw hand that’s under to the left subtly and make sure that you keep the string pinched on your non throw hand.