Crazy Tutorials: Top Down

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My first tutorial. I hope you all can learn it!

NTH: Non Throwhand
TH: Throwhand

Any advice for future tutorials is welcome. Tell me what ya think!

(SlimJoe) #2

Hey man! Solid work!

If I can learn from this, anyone can. I am AWFUL at learning from tutorials.

That said, while this tut is rad, you might wanna incorporate different angles for harder parts of the trick.

All in all, nice work!



Im guessing you’ve seen your fair share of Cabin Tutorials.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll try to find places for different angles in my next tut. I’m glad you learned the trick!

I find it hard to learn from tutorials too. I’m happy to see someone can learn from mine though!


Dude, great tutorial! And I’m sorry to ask but I have to…your hair is amazing. How long have you been growing that?! Seriously I’m impressed.

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I’ve had a variety of different fro styles for the past four years.


Learned this in no time, great job!

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Thanks. I’m glad you were able to add this trick to your arsenal!

(Erik Kerber ) #9

Good tutorial Like other people have said some different angles would be great but other wise it turned out really well.

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I thought the angles were perfect. Too many angles spoil the soup.

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Yeah I wouldn’t use too many angles unless one step is really knacky.

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Should I make more?

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If you want to.

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Of course. I’m asking if others would like me to. If people don’t want tutorials, what’s the point of making them. I already know the tricks. The whole goal is for others to learn something new. It’s not about me.

Does anyone want more of these tutorials? Would you, yoyo, like me to make another tutorial?


Do you have any more cool tricks?

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Yes. Bunches to be exact. I make new ones weekly.

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The last bump.

Any final thoughts?


Make something else man please. Loved this one, I just mastered it yesterday. I’m ready for a new challenge!