1a Tutorials - Quick and easy tricks

This is a playlist I put together of tricks you can learn in a few minutes.  Great for if you just need something new, or are looking to poach an element or two.

[edit: originally provided a working link, but MrYoyoM has since updated the original post]

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Thanks Greg!

I thought I’d give this a bump in case anyone missed it the first time around.

I love your tutorials. There are soooo many and they are easy to follow. Hardest one right now for me is ninja grind, any tips?

Great tutorials!!! Subscribed! You have inspired me now to make tutorials myself. Although I’m only 14 and probably look really weird when I yoyo…

Its never too early to start. Just remember, go slow and try to explain every step. Include different angles and slow motion on the hard parts. Share your tuts with me when you make them, I’d love to see what you come up with!