New trick/tutorial!!

Constructive criticism is accepted. This is a trick I made.



Good! Just 2 things: 1. Leave the text up a bit longer (I had to stop it to read it all the long ones) 2. show the whole trick at the beginning. But still great first tutorial! :wink:

Nice one! I wanted to learn one of this kind of tricks so thanks for it.

Constructive criticism: Next time try to land all things right. You have all the time in the world to edit out the bad parts and just put on video the good ones :wink: . Like the above poster said: next time try to to start with the trick :slight_smile:

I was always looking for a simple, good looking trick like that. Thanks so much for that tutorial! Learned and I’m really enjoying it! Gave me inspiration. :wink: :wink: ;D ;D

thanks and it was my first tutorial… I will have some other ones up later

nice trick.

quick question witch ending do you like better

Different angles on the finalized trick and some slow-mo :slight_smile:

let me find my dv888 and ill start learning this fo’sho

w00t! I wish I could use both my thumbs…

haha ya I got that from a vid but I made the mount.
I need your guys’ help choosing wich kind of tutorial I should make next.

and no one ever answered me on the ending question… witch ending do you like better

I did :P, here :

great tutorial!