Sorry about posting it so late! I was out of town, but luckily got home in time to publish it on Wednesday as usual.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the trick! It is pretty hard to do smoothly (which I obviously had a hard time doing when I presented the trick, LOL).

I would love some FEEDBACK!

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BTW, this is going to be the last “My Originals” tutorial that I am going to do for a little while…I am out of material, LOL. I might do some “My Favorites” tutorials in the near future though.

EDIT ONE: I made an error in teaching this trick. After the step in which you curl your hands toward you and land on the front string, I say to drop the strings off of your throwhand, point your TH index toward you, open the loop, and overpass the yoyo to the left over your NTH index, leaving you in a cross-armed GT. This is incorrect, and it breaks up the flow of the trick very badly. Please do the following once you have done the hand-curling move to land on the front string: DO NOT drop the string off of your TH, simply over pass the yoyo over your NTH index to the left, leaving you in a cross-armed GT. From there, continue to do the trick as usual.

I am very sorry for making this error.


Yesterday I realized that I made another kind of half-mistake in teaching this trick! When I say how to grab the loop before doing the curling motion, I dropped the strings off of my TH then grabbed the loop…you are supposed to just grab the loop with your TH without dropping the strings on that hand. UGH. I do it correctly right after I do that to get to that point in the trick to instruct the next part…did that make it clear enough???

Should I recomsider remaking it now?

Please give me your thoughts on this.

I could probably learn this one. Seems easy enough.

Although it is not as cool as some of your other tricks, it is a good trick.

One problem i find with making tutorials is that when you’re trying to teach the audience a certain move that seems so simple to you, it takes you so long to explain it. So for example, with the inverted kwyjibo move you do in the beginning, you take a longish time explaining the move. I’d suggest just trusting your “students” to be able to get it quickly. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

At 2:00 it isn’t impossibly long, though, so good job keeping these short! I’ve seen tutorials that go on for 5-8 minutes and I just can’t handle that in a tutorial.

Close up views or different angles are good not only for the learning, but to keep the viewer engaged. Don’t underestimate the value of cutting to another view.

Finally: you can get inexpensive microphones for narrating. If you’d rather narrate on-the-fly than do a voice-over, you can either rig a contraption to hold it over and in front of you or get a clip-on mic. If you’re using a DSLR, you can get directional microphones that plug in and mount in the hotshoe; however, not too many of those are cheap. I like voiceovers myself.

Yeah, this isn’t my favorite trick of the ones that I’ve made, but I don’t think that it is un-cool either (LOL). I like the elements, but it is really hard to do smoothly. Other than that though, I think that is cool…I guess everybody’s opinion is different, LOL.

To be honest, looking back on it, I really didn’t represent it well at the beginning. In fact, I just now did it, and I was able to do it quite a bit better. Oh well, LOL.

Thanks anyway!

LOL. Backfire. I have really only been worrying that my “audience” wouldn’t be able to understand, but apparently I have been worrying too much, LOL. I thought that you were going to say that you couldn’t understand it as I read the first bit.

Honestly though, I would rather have the problem of over explaining versus under explaining. I don’t want it to be hard to learn because I don’t describe it enough.

Thanks! I wanted to keep these short. I feel the same way about long tutorials.

I gotcha. I might try that in the future.

I would probably rather narrate on the fly like I currently do, but I might try voice over in the future (that would definitely make it easier to shoot). Are you saying that I should look into getting a mic to cut down on the echo?

I have actually previously thought about doing the tutorials in a different area that would make different views easier and cut down the echo. I think that the upcoming “My Favorites” tutorials will be shot there.

Thanks for the tips!

If it’s set up right, yes. If not, it’ll capture even more echo. :wink: You want to use a microphone that’s at least mostly directional. Built-in camera mics are made to capture as much of the environment as possible (omnidirectional) so you get the room’s natural reverb along with your voice.

Something with either cardioid or supercardioid direction will capture primarily your voice. If you’re doing voiceover, it’s less important because you’re close to the mic and therefore your voice occupies most of the capture.

I see. I’ll probably just try a different room first, and if the echo is still bad, I might check out some microphones. I will probably just stick to the camera’s mic though.

True. I was partially just saying how annoying for you and any tutorial-makers it is to have to overexplain.

Contrary to what makes a good visual background for the videos, the best rooms are the ones with lots of stuff on the walls-- bookshelves, etc. These help get rid of “standing waves” and generally help dissipate sound. Obviously not the same as an engineered recording room, but it’s a good start!

Well, it doesn’t annoy ME to over explain, I am just sorry if YOU think that it is annoying.

Well, one good thing about the area that I am going to shoot the next series of tutorials in, is that it is MUCH smaller. Hopefully that will lessen the echo.

It also has a lot more stuff in it, some of which should definitely remove the “standing waves”, although there isn’t much stuff on the walls. We’ll see what happens…

Thanks again for all of your tips!



Please check out the new OP edit.

Once again, I am very sorry about the error.

Also please answer this question - should I redo the the tutorial to eliminate this error?

What error?

EDIT: Oh, that error. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I am thinking that I will probably not remake this tutorial, simply because it is one of my least favorites of the ones that I have taught. If I had done something like this with the Gravity one (or almost any of the other ones for that matter) though, I would definitely redo it, LOL.

I guess mistakes happen…but it really stinks when they do, ugh.

So, unless you guys really think that I should remake it, I will probably just leave it as is. At least I made sure to put “PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!” in the first line of description (so people see it below the video title) followed by the same thing the OP edit said.

So in other words, PLEASE tell me if you think I should redo it.

pretty good tutorial Good Job!

Thanks man! The thing that stinks about this situation is that the tutorial itself was one of my best from a production standpoint IMO (although there was the hum of the fireplace in the background). The only real problem is the mistake I made in teaching it. Ugh again…