Throwing in my bedroom #likabaws


Throwing in the bedroom. :wink: xD


Not bad!




Music is gone, huh.

I hit my dresser :p. My atmosphere’s response was running low.

Sorry about quality, how can I get my string to appear?


Cool vid!

Try neon yellow string, and brighter light.


I used pretty bright light, thanks for the tip.

(Jei Cheetah) #7


Coming along nicely.
I notice that your tricks in all styles tend to have pauses in between elements. Work on smoothening those out before moving on to other styles and tricks.
Try to focus on keeping everything in one fluid motion.

Think of it like the difference between driving in a crowded city, versus driving on an open highway. In the crowded city, you stop and go, and it results in stress on a driver. Similarly, stop and starts in yoyo tricks give the trick a “stressful” feel to them, and it causes the trick to be visually unappealing.
On the flip side, driving on an open freeway, you start, go on one smooth (hopefully) journey, and reach your destination and stop. The feeling is very open and free, and in the same way, your yoyo trick will have a very open and free feeling to it.

When you do your tricks, instead of focusing on elements, just for a bit to see where you are at, watch the motion of the yoyo and see if you are making the yoyo make “stops” at any points where nothing is in much motion. The more consistent and continuous your speed is, the more your trick will be pleasant to watch, and as a result, will have a more professional feeling to them.

This goes for any style of play.

Keep up the good work!

^ ^



Thanks for noticing that, I would have never known. Thanks! Awroof


How long have you been playing? :slight_smile:


Well I only do 1A so yeah you’re pretty good :slight_smile:


Are you enjoying yourself?

If yes, then nothing else matters!



Dont worry about being good/bad, living in a world of polarity where we constantly have to categorize and compare ourselves to others or to some made up ‘standard’

If you enjoy it, you are the greatest yoyo player i know! Keep at it bud!


Less than a year.

I’m having fun!


Looking good to me!

Man, it’s always striking to me to watch young players with their long-seeming strings. In actuality, your string is probably about the right length for the kinds of tricks you want to do, but it just SEEMS so long. :wink:

Keep up the good work, and more importantly-- keep having fun!

(Zer0) #15

Don’t wear a white shirt with bright string. The best outcome would come with a black sweater/shirt with a black background and a bright light. Grab some neon yellows and you’re on your way. So far all your lacking is the fluidity that comes with time. Keep throwing, dude.


I don’t cut because I didn’t know how to when I started. So now I just don’t. I’m used to YYE string length. However I do get more dings.


Bump! Still taking opinions!


I know you’re used to it, but I would definitely shorten the Atmosphere string and learn to tie a proper slipknot. You’ll adjust to the length quickly and I think you’ll really like it and feel more confident and comfortable. Give it a shot at least! ;D Glad you’re having fun and doing more than just 1A!!!


I can cut the string now, I just don’t want to. :). I’ll try it once. Should I cut it to my Belly Button?

Also, I can do all the styles, I just haven’t boughten a 3a or 2a pair yet. My parents dunno why I want 2 yoyos and won’t allow, yet ;).


To your belly button? No way, that’ll be too short. The final length AFTER slipknot loop… could be maybe 2 inches above your belly button? Who knows. Give’r a go. :wink: