why i have my string long...

now first of all, before i get started, if you dont have something good to say, dont say it.

  okay, now im 5'2, and people call me a noob because i dont cut my string (from a recent thread about me "this kid must've had the string up to his nipples"). now honestly, i dont like to cut my string because if i try to do rewind for example i wont be able to land the triple or nothing. also with more string to unwind the yoyo gets better sleep times because it spins faster. i will NEVER cut my string.

ok ? was this really necessary?

hey i like l long string 2 but i cant get string long enough so i make my own string thats up 2 my neck
it creates many trick possibilities

just felt like getting it out there that long string is ok

you dont need spuer long string for tricks

i am under 5’2’’ and have my yoyo strign from the floor to my bellybutton
i can doo rewind fine…
acctualy i and do a quintupule or nothing (5) fairly easy

shortening your string can actually help you smoothen out

if i shorten my string to my belly button i cant do triple or nothing.

try using a smaller yoyo for now

try learning something instead of triple or nothing cause triple or nothing isnt a trick you use in combos a lot.

(me enjoying being 6’2")

rewind is an important combo

not really once you learn more complex elements you wont really use rewind
but if you really like the trick now try shorting you string a little bit like 2 or 3 inches obve your bellybutton untill you get it down then shorten it all the way

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Right on brotha!

I’m 5’2 and I play my string around my belly button. I do all the tricks including triple or nothing. Its not hard. Bottom point, you just can’t do it, just practice

All this bickering is pointless

we are not arguing we are just trying to help him

i agree, he obviously feels very strongly about not cutting his string. ???.. if he likes it that way fine, it’s not really that important. Most people throw at an angle anyway, and it gives him a longer sleep time, but he won’t have as much control and wont be able to go as fast. Who knows, maybe with practice he’ll shorten it. All in all, do what you will, but personaly i appreciate it if you didn’t make a statemant about it.

I do triple or nothing with 2a-length strings. Sounds like you just need some more practice.

And actually, by the time you get about 3 feet or so gripping the yoyo to spin it when you throw, you’re basically maxing out the limitations. Much more than that and you really have to start pulling the string as well as throwing the yoyo down. Besides, even if that weren’t the case, what good would 10 seconds do you? Not much, if anything. Just need to work on your throw.

Do what you want though.

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I’m not trying to create a big debate, but I feel like I need to explain a little bit of the logic behind cutting your string. Ahem… Quantum theory holds that a vacum is subject to quantum uncertinties, such as the idea of spontaneous existince caused by a pack of energy that can be described by physical laws.
How this has to do with cutting your string, I don’t know, but I trust you have a simple enough understanding of quantum physics so this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.
Back on subject… When I first started yoyoing, ( I was about 5’4-5’5.) I figured , that not cutting your string means that you have more string to work with. But alas, I failed to see the true problems lying in my decision. You see, when your string is just about a few inches taller than your bellybutton it requires you after you make a throw to raise your hand up in order to get the yoyo to stop swinging back behing you, causing you to waste precious compitition time slowing down your yoyo. Sometimes, in extreme cases it even dulls your throw because you have to pull up your hand early. Your tricks are normally slower( not all ther time) and overall it takes away from the quality of your peformance. But hay, that’s just my opinion.
In all respect, soccerdude.
Edit: Who cares if you can do one less triple or nothing or rewind string hit. Is the world gonna end? ( that was a retorical question.)

You can get into triple or nothing by using the technique in mcbrides rollercoaster instead…

I used to feel the same way about cutting strings, one day I gave it a shot and my tricks were much smoother. I’d stay with long string for a while more (month or so), then try to cut it. I remember the moment I did that I regreted not cutting my string for such a long time, everything was so much easier to do.