[b]I have one simple question do you cut your string? why or why not?

I don’t cause the string length is perfect for me.

Yes. I do. I am used to cutting the string from the ground to my belly button. It gives me ample control and use of the string. I don’t want to have to awkwardly adjust for the string length and avoid hitting the ground with my yoyo if I don’t cut it.

The reasons you would want a longer string (for large length differences):
You can have more space to do a complicated trick.
Typically Slower Playstyle though not by much.

The reasons you want a shorter string:
A shorter string gives you more control.
Typically faster.

Note: These are based off relative height and string length. Also, when you play with all string lengths, all these traits tend to meld together. But when you start off, it’s typically like this.

Sorry if I went on a tangent.

Depends on the string. Some strings go right to my belly button, and I leave them uncut. Some strings don’t reach my belly button, and I leave them unused. Some strings go past my belly button and I leave to go find some scissors.
When I was a beginner, I preferred string a bit longer; but now I seem to like string at the recommended length: to my belly button.

I usually do but the kitty strings are almost perfect right out of the box

but I do cut my strings

Yes sometime, but I usually make mistake when cutting so I let it be

I don’t

string length is preferencn. The idea of cuting strings is to adjust the strings to your prefered length.
If you feel like to cut your string, do it. . .

Nope. They’re quite perfect for me. And it really throws me off when I try someone’s yoyo and their string is a foot too short =/

Nope, I like having a long string to whip and slack around. Also It takes to long, since I go through a string a day, I really don’t like cutting it every time.

in 1a, i dont cut, even tho im only 5’1. 2a, always cut, 3a always cut, 4a I WISH IT WAS LONGER!!!, 5a no cuts

Sounds about right, though I like to give it maybe an inch or so clearance right above the belly button. As long as I can bend my elbow in a comfortable position without the yoyo hitting the floor, I’m in good shape.

I play my strings short. I like my strings short. I cut my strings to make them short.

I cut them when I make them but when I finish making a string it’s done I don’t cut it from there. Why is because I make them to a specific length I like so why change it from that. And that’s one of the many reasons I love making my string!

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i personaly dont evn though im short

Yeah, I cut about an inch or so above so that by the time I tie the loop it is near my belly button.

i never cut even tho i am only like 4’8

It depends on the yoyo/style. With a smaller yoyo, I might use a smaller string, and the opposite for larger yoyos, but normally I cut it about an inch or two above my belly button. With 5a I usually keep it longer, and with 4a I don’t cut it at all. With 2a, I cut it extra short.

I never do even though it goes up to my neck xD I just started with an extra long string, just played with it since I was too lazy to cut, and BAM! instant habit :stuck_out_tongue: I never cut my strings no matter what style of yo I play with either xD even 2a!

Have you ever tried a cut string?

It, really depends on how smooth the string plays in the beginning
if I find it too long I’ll cut it…