Cut your string.

(Jei Cheetah) #1

Even if you don’t need to as your height allows for a full length string, experimenting with a shorter string can produce some interesting results, often times making your yoyo feel completely different and influencing you to yoyo different.

Cut it a bit, cut it a bunch, just try it out, if you have the hunch.




What If I cut it vertically?


I feel, that when I shorten my string, it doesn’t affect how the Yoyo feels at all.

But it will make my tricks different by making me go faster.

(Jamesofyoyo) #4


Slick 6 to a slick 3


I am sure this is not exactly what you mean but my string was a little too long and after a while I realized that I had this small amount of hesitation because i think I was scared to hit the floor. It was only like half an inch off but I feel completely confident now.


I was just thinking about trying this the other day. I think it will probably help my control a little if I cut it down some… Yeah, I’ll try it out. We’ll see what happens…

(kclejeune) #8

I use really long string, but just because that’s what I prefer, not because I’m trying to be cool like Zach gormley… But for most people it’s true…

(DOGS) #9

I use a string that is a knot’s length shorter than stock YYE, so I’m always wary of these tiny children using strings that are far, far too long. Whenever I try someone’s yoyo, I take a wrap of string around my four fingers and throw it with a 5a lobster claw just in case.


I already use a short string. I prefer it…works for me. :slight_smile:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #11

Interesting results occur with experimentation in all aspects of yoyoing, including string length.

Experiment, evolve, grow, but more than anything just have fun. Short string, long string, string inbetween, it doesn’t matter as long as you are loving it and having fun.

That’s just my opinion. When it comes to yoyoing, I do what I like. :wink:

(Jamesofyoyo) #12

Yoyo with the string length that is most comfortable to you; long, medium, or short.

When people yoyo with a string length that is out of their comfort zone or with a length that is just outlandish, whether that be too long or too short, it can look REALLY awkward and unsmooth.

But like I said, yoyo with whatever length you find comfortable. As long as it feels good, looks clean, and looks smooth.

I used shorter string for a while, but I currently use [almost] stock yye poly length; so medium-ish length.


I always stick with about an inch above the belly button. I don’t really do tight, fast-paced tech so long string just makes everything awkward.


Full length kitty string. I feel very comfortable with that length.


This was me. I found some interesting things playing with super long string, and with short string, and super short string.

It was hard going from long to short, and short to long.

One of the factors was that I didn’t know how to tie a loop not.

The other was that I felt comfortable with long string.

Now I keep it long on beaters and 4a’s. I keep it shorter on my advanced throws.


I’ve always prefered shorter string just because I can do Japanese style generic tech tricks with is much easier and…while there are lots of nay-sayers, I find Japanese generi-tech interesting.

James, you speak nothing but the truth. Respect.


I’m a shorter guy so I use string that’s to my chest, because that’s to like an average heighted person’s belly button or slightly above. I might startusing shorter strings so I can play faster though…


I like my string long it gives me room to learn tricks better.


Yea thats what I like about long string, gives you a lot of room… But i like short string so I can play fast… Being in the middle is inadequate… i’m torn :stuck_out_tongue:


I find the YYE poly stock length to be right for me, too; that’s roughly the length I cut to even with strings that ship longer.

I played someone’s yoyo yesterday that had REALLY short string on it. Was definitely a unique experience. I liked it! I could see myself keeping one or two yoyos set up this way.

The opposite direction doesn’t work for me anymore. I tried longer, but now I find it just awkward.