Short string, normal string, or long string?

I read and watched videos where it states you should put the yoyo touching the ground, then pull the string up until it hits your belly button, then cut it and tie a knot.

However, I found out that yoyo tricks are significantly easier to perform with a shorter string, just below your hips.

What do you guys think of this?

It’s all personal preference. Short strings make simple tricks easier for sure, but once you get into moderately complex mounts, you may feel a bit cramped. I prefer to have a normal length string.

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I like a full length kitty string. Like Philip said more complex tricks will feel cramped if its too short. I am also 6’4", but i have a buddy that is much shorter and he cuts his strings right around his sternum.

To start sure, but I’m finding now that a lot of slack stuff just doesn’t work without a longer string.

So like Philip said, it just won’t work for some other tricks.

Long for flow, short for fast.

Short for fast play, Long for flow and slack (or technical and complex mounts)
also depends on which style of yoyoing:
2A: Short
3A: Some play short i play up till belly button Im 5’6 by the way
4A: This one is kinda like 1A but long string is pretty much used by tons of people
5A: just a bit above belly button or at belly button
but some people really just have a personal preference mine are these
1A: Full Kitty
2A: short
3A: belly button
4A: almost Full Kitty
5A: just a bit above my belly button (bout 2 inches)

The longest.

Height should have no impact on what string length you prefer.

i have mine just under my chest, and recently i have been using shorter string to increase my accuracy and flowyness and it works. I tink its all reference and it just matters about the person.

So someone who stands a metre tall should have the same string length as someone who’s 3 metres tall???

(Yeah I know they’re dramatic exaggerations but… it’s possible…)

i can play my shutter sitting in a chair, and i keep the mmc on some uncut kitty fat.
anything fixed just gets stock type 10 cotton.

i definitely think that its easier to mash through stuff with short string, and easier to be ‘cleaner’ but i be keepin it dirty with the uncuts and bashing the ground and ceiling of my house daily.

I prefer full length kitty as well. I tried cutting one to belly button length before but it was way too cramped for me. Short strings definitely nice if you’re sitting in a chair though

I don’t even cut my kitty string and im like 5’10ish, I just stretch it and use it XD

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m 5’4 and I use string up to my belly button. That’s about 3 inches shorter than YYE poly length, which is really short in comparison to what everyone else uses. Definitely gives you more control than full length kitty.

Btw, the australian national yoyo champion uses a string slightly shorter than me so don’t think you won’t be able to do advanced tricks and combos with a short string :wink:

Your hands are the same distance apart no matter how tall you are

That isn’t true.

I Think it’s not true either! It’s also harder to not hit the yoyo on the ground when you are shorter and using longer strings.

I keep it from the floor to my knee. I am known as the most technical Yoyoer of all time.

JK mine usually is in between normal and long depending on my mood.

It’s true.

I play on the long side. I like the roomy feel. I’m more chill than speed, and I work with tons of slacks, whips, and technical mounts when I play. It helps

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