String length

Hey, :wink:
So i m a pretty short person, about 5,7. And i use uncut Kitty string, wich almost goes up to my neck ;D… Now i like the very long string, it just is what i like. Now i have a problem with the yoyo hitting the ground quite a lot because of that… exspecially when i do stuff like suicide or brent stole. i throw mostly over carpet so my yoyos arent completely beat up, bit its annoying and makes me kind of scared to play over harder ground.

So to my actually question, people seem to always say “from the ground up to the bellybutton” but that just feels stupidly short for me. i will just try out to shorten it a little from the uncut to maybe get fewer dings, but how do other shorter people do it? do you also use string thats “longer than normal”? or do you go by the “rule” and how do you deal with tricks like ladder escape where you have to hit little “holes” or small string segments?

Go to the little divot in the middle of your chest. That’s a good guideline for me.

You should give shorter string a try. I feel like having a shorter string helps me figure out the feel of my yoyo compared to it being a mile away with a full length kitty string.

I usually go to my chest at there is a pretty good length.

Ya! i popped on a shorter string today just to see how it feels, and its completely different… i still like the super long more, since it just is so weird to me and everything feels so tiny compared to how it looks normally :smiley: but i definetly will try to shorten it a bit, since i like the more “controlled” feel of a shorter string quite a lot

In general, I feel long, uncut string is associated with sloppiness. Try out shorter string, and you may feel you have greater control over the yoyo.

I’m even shorter than you at 5,4. I used to use string that was up to my chest, but I realized I needed more control and I like faster play so shorter stirng would help with both of those, but cutting my string toi belly button length just didn’t work… So I tried going shorter a little bit at a time and it worked, and now I use string a few inches above my belly button, which is an appropriate length for me and most. I suggest you do that too, shorten your string a little bit at a time

will do! thanks :wink:

I’m 5’9" and until recently went with the belly button rule of thumb (if I accidentally made the string even an inch too short I would consider it unplayable so I was super obsessive about getting my strings perfect). Lately I’ve been going with about 3 inches above my belly button and enjoying it. Makes slack stuff and stuff with pops a fair bit easier for me. I have tried a couple strings that were a little too long for me and I’ve bounced yoyos into the ground a couple times (carpet ftw) before I adjusted to the new average string length but overall digging the slightly longer string

Im 5’8 and full length kitty works just fine

I am 5’10" and go 3" above my belly button as well. I string the yoyo, put it on the floor, put my hand on my belly so my pinky is just above my belly button, and wrap the string up around my pointer. comes out consistent and a length that suits me well.

5’10", one inch above belly button. II can play up to 3" or so from belly button but beyond that it feels like a loose, sloppy mess to me.

I am 6’4" and i like it just an inch or two above belly button. so most full length string is perfect.

Well yeah, I’m 6’2 but I still don’t enjoy a full length kitty string. You gotta find that sweet spot length for you.