String length?

I know it’s a matter of opinion, but I saw a video suggesting floor to belly button and it seems really short, although hasnt effected play. What length do you use?

I use stock YYE length.

I like kitty stock too.

I make my string too. :stuck_out_tongue: I like long string. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what used to play with. I also use kitty slims


I use around 3.5’ the belly button thing is way too short and random.

But I’m only 5’ tall
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I’m fairly new to yoyoing (only about 2 months in) so I guess I’ll just have to play around with it.

normal stock yye length

whatever length it is (im to lazy to cut it) except for when i do 3a a then i cut it at my solar plexus.

I just use stock YYE length. I used to cut. Little off of it, but then I just tried it without cutting it. I liked the extra string and slower play.

Stock YYE string length works best for me.

I use other stuff too. I tend to measure it to around the bottom of my sternum. Seems to be a good length for me.

Stock YYE, it is about two inches maybe three past my belly button

I used to cut string to about 2 inches above my belly button until my knot came loose and launched a yoyo across my floor. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I’ve just adjusted to using stock length kitty strings.

I should also note that I am about 6 foot tall. When I was a kid my string went much higher up on me, but was about the same length. When you throw the yoyo around a bit you should know right away if the length is within your comfort zone or not. Example: If you hit the floor or ceiling, it’s not…

With the yoyo resting on the floor, the top of the slipknot goes to the top of my belly button.

trimmed stock yye string length. i cut off the loop and make another loop the same size as the old one. it might just be me but i noticed you can play faster woth a shorter string :smiley:

That would feel too short to me.
(Not that this is incorrect. It’s not necessarily. My preference is a bit longer.)

I tried messing with string length when I first started yoyoing, but the “belly button”" thing made it too short, and so did every other length I tried cutting it to, so I just decided not to fool with it. The full length works fine, for me, and the string comes up to about 4" above my belly button.

wow, a lot of people play with long string.
I usually go about an inch above my belly button, then tie it off. which makes it where the bottom of the slipknot is right around belly button height.

Long string just feels a lot better to me, when if first started yoyoing i did that bellybutton thing but it was so small for me i couldn’t even land double or nothings consistently then i just didn’t cut it and everything was easier, but it did get a little getting used to.

I have not tried YYE string,I use Kitty String :stuck_out_tongue: And I keep it a few inches above my belly :smiley:

Personally, I think it should be about an inch or two above the recommended length.