What's your string length?


Hello everyone,

i’m seeing different string lengths from different vendors… What’s the optimum length that I should get accustomed to? is “the longer the better”?


you should try both long and short and see what feels right for you.
I like kitty because it is kind of long and I am a tall dude (it is just a little longer than a belly button point). if I’m throwing responsive, I like strings to be at a belly button point.
also shorter string give better control if you’re doing sideways tricks…


This is what it boils down to.

Some people love long string, other people love short. You’ll only know what works for you by experimenting with both.


Belly button to the floor or at arms length, like everything else, it is what feels good and performs best for you.
Everything in yo-yoing is experimental and the length of the string that works best for you is up to you.


Long: To play around with slacks and whips

Short: Speed play and have better accuracy with string hits.

Belly Button length: Best of both worlds.


Depends on your height really. I’m 5’3 and belly button length is like 3 inches shorter then YYE poly, which many people already think is too short.


I’ve been playing for about 14 months now and I play all the styles so I play around with lots of string lengths
Examples are playstyles associated with the length, etc.
Not really sure about the 2A strings and examples
Yes, I know this doesn’t fit all players and that you can play slow with short string or fast with long string but this in my opinion is more general.

1A: About an 1+1/2 - 2 inches above belly button. Gives me enough room for intricate tricks but short enough that I could still play a bit fast if I try to. Starting to try playing with full length Kitty from time to time
shorter string= faster tech, easier horizontals, speedy playstyle Example: Hiroyuki Suzuki
longer string= slower, more relaxed, more room, pretty slacks and whips Example: Magne Sætran

2A: I played with my friends loopers and they were about an inch or two below belly button. Haven’t really played 2A for a while so can’t say it’s perfect for me, also he moved away so don’t have any loopers atm but when I had them it was just about right that I learned how to loop easily
shorter string= fast loops and less room for wraps Example: Takuma Yamamoto?
longer string= more room for wraps Example: Shinji Saito?

3A: Belly button length gives me enough room to do sidestyle tricks, work on my fronstyle, combos involving wrist rolls without being so short that it won’t bind properly. Also just perfect for Double Trapeze sequences
shorter string= faster with less room for intricate tricks Example: Kentaro Kimura
longer string= slower more relaxed pace with more room for small tricks Example: Hank Freeman

4A: I play with same length as 1A. Thinking about making it longer since I have a SPEED bearing in my Go Big or getting longer string since it sucks when Eiji’s Regen doesn’t bind. Probably gonna get thicker string like Kitty Fat since it does have a Speed bearing in there.
Longer string=better chance of landing risky binds and more room for whips and tech.
Example: Ben Conde
shorter string=faster play and regens could be easier along with easier boingy-boing combos
Example: Takumi Yasumoto

5A: Inch above belly button is about what I use since I kind of play more techy but I’m slowly learning 5A from Miggy’s, Tyler’s, and Jake’s tuts. It’s about perfect length for me since the dice doesn’t move as fast as if you had really short string.
Shorter string=Faster dice+playstyle like Jaued Cervas
Longer string=slower dice and more relaxed playstyle like JonRob


To answer your question: 42 inches.


I experimented with stock Kitty when I first started (which is why my Summit is so beat up) and eventually started cutting at chest level because I do tech. It all boils down to preference.


Stock kitty


I usually go about 2 inches above belly button. Some people go chest height, some prefer below the belly button. It’s really a matter of preference. Whatever you choose though, keeping the length as consistent s possible will help with landing your tricks with consistency.



yeah I’m 5’9 so it works fine with me