String length

I’ve been having problems with my string length when i make it to my belly button length it feels to short for rejection tricks and other tricks alike then i make it about an inch or 2 longer then my hooks like the 1.5 the string doesn’t wrap around for the .5 and i just wanna know is it the string length or is it just me and need more practice im stumped. Any advice or comments would be helpful because i feel like im at a grey area where i don’t feel like i can learn any more tricks because i don’t know if the tricks im trying to learn need short strings or long strings or if it even matters how long the string is. Ppplllllzzzz help me i love yoyoing and wanna keep going and become a pro but i feel like im at a stand still.

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I always set my string length so that when I hold my palm flat at my sternum, the yoyo is lifted slightly off the ground. Good balance for myself. It does not cause problems for rejection and slack, gives me enough to work with without the string being too long. I prefer shorter string and that is my sweet spot.

To clarify, more like when I hold my palm face down, with my thumb at the crevice at the base of your rib cage if that makes sense. Slightly lower than the sternum I suppose.


Short answer, you’ll have to experiment a bit to find what works best for you.

Long answer, whips and slacks will require a more experienced touch if you decide to use longer string. Complicated tech can be more difficult with shorter string because you have to be more precise with how much you use for each segment of string. I use different lengths on different yoyos because my preference changes depending on the yoyo’s characteristics.

I wouldn’t stress about it too much. Try a few different lengths and pick the one that feels best. A 50" vs a 56" string won’t make the difference between being a newbie and being a pro, practice will.


Thanks for your advice i guess watching brandon vu and seeing how long he makes his string isn’t a good way of determining how long my string should be because he’s a pro and im not lol

I used to use a longer string to have more space to work with. Not really tech, but definitely in the ballpark. I started using a shorter length when I bounced my Vulture off the cement sidewalk. Interestingly, I actually found things easier (a little) once I got over the length, and now I actually prefer it.


I’ve had that issue to so maybe i do need to try a shorter string ima give it a try and see how it changes my learning curve

Not that it’s necessary, but optionally you could use a whippier string and then your longer length would be easier to use all around.


Yes that’s basically what I use all the time !!! it seems to be the perfect setup for me :grin:

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Stick to a single string length and youll learn to make your tricks work with that after repetition.

I usually tie my string off just below my nipples . Some people say it’s long but it feels fine to me and I don’t ding my yo-yos that much

With the string attached to the throw and the yo resting on the floor, I go 3 fingers above the bottom of my sternum (xyphoid process?) For 1A, 3 fingers below for 5A. For responsive / looping throws, i measure 4 fingers above my belly button.

Your results will likely vary…

Enjoy the throw my friends


With everyone having different heights and body proportions, string length is definitely one of those things that needs to experimented with to see what works for you (as many of these responses have proven).

I do 4 fingers above the belly button for responsive and 5A, so if that’s what you’re doing for 1A, that’s on the shorter side. For 1A, I measure to about my sternum and may adjust slightly depending on the yoyo or my mood.


That’s crazy long for looping yoyos. Generally, a shorter string is easier to loop with and the recommended length is 70cm - 80cm.

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Is that for 1A to

It’s really easy to knot off the string to test different lengths … just don’t cut the string until you’re sure of what you like!

That said, belly button is short. General guidance to beginners in any video I have found is always a few inches above your belly button.

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Nope. 70cm to 80cm is far too short to do any 1A. I currently use a string that is cut off at my belly button for 1A, which is about 105cm. Each to their own though, everyone has different preferences. I like doing my tricks very fast and love speed combos, so a shorter string is better for me.

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