Long or Short? (string length)

I just wanted to know people’s opinion on this, cause its kindda difficult to go in between like alot will try to say. cause short is really nice for speed right? but long is amazing for whip tricks + looks cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

So just state your preference hehe :slight_smile:

I mean do pros like hiroyuki suzuki keep it short for those speed combos? or is he good enough to do it with long string?

Comes down to preference. Some pros prefer longer strings, some shorter. Longer strings aren’t necessarily better for whips either. Gives you bigger loops to hit but also takes quite a bit more effort to whip the string around.


Belly button length , but longer is pretty good

Just and inch or so above belly button length for me. Gives my tricks enough space for openings but not too long that I’m going to feel like I’m hitting the floor with every throw.

Belly button. Longer for more fluid tricks.

I mix it up a little. My dm2 and shutter are mid length, just over belly button with the yoyo on the ground. My cascade is a little shorter and the rest of my throws are a little longer. There’s not really any rhyme or reason to which are long or short; that’s just how they are right now. I do like to have them different though so I can pick how I feel like throwing.

I find wrist mount tricks to be a little easier with longer strings. At least that double on part at the beginning of spirit bomb and magic trick… But I find shorter better for things like zipper and mcbride rc.

Like what’s been said already, it’s all preference. I like to play different lengths without cutting new strings; I just switch yoyos.

You need to experiment with several different lengths to find what works best for you. It may vary depending on what you are trying to do.

For me, I have found that for heavier YoYo’s, my string length is a bit longer than light throws. I just have better control of lighter YoYo’s when I shorten the string a bit. I also like a thicker string with heavier YoYo’s as well.

Of course, that’s just what I prefer, try out some different strings at various lengths to learn what your preferences tend to be.

I prefer mine just a tad bit below my belly button

I play mine longer, just lets whips and slacks work a little nicer. Along with giving me more room to work when getting a little technical.

I used to use my string pretty short, but lately I’ve been using longer strings

Looooooonng. Like 4-5 inches above my belly button. It used to be longer.

Original length.


It appears most people like it “long.” But unfortunately, if everybody likes it long, “long” isn’t long, it’s normal.

hip to belly button varies between that range

I prefer mine about 4 inches above my belly button. Blueprint is easy because The string length it comes with is pretty good for me. I don’t need to cut it. Do keep in mind however that I have small hands so i prefer longer strings.

How ever big the string come in the package

Short. Very short. I’d say short is better for whips too. Unless you’re doing something that requires a lot of slack layers then short string whips faster with less effort and is more precise. Of course all of this is relative since no one really measures their string and heights are all different, but i will say it’s really easy for players to look awkward and not in control if their string is too long, so as short as it can be while still allowing you to do every trick you want is probably the answer.

I actually have tried both shorter is actually fairly nice compared to a longer string it makes combos smoother and helps with some slacks. However for longer string I find it’s better when your learning because you have more room to work with.

I find short string easier for fast tech things and longer strings for more flowing things
For whips and spack things however I find a mid length to work niclely

I also change my string length depending on the yoyo

On my spyy pro I have a short string (candy wire that Ive cut down), which I use when I want to do fast things
On my yeti I have full length kitty string (suuuuuuuper long), I use it for mobeius and 5a
On my Albatross I use blueprint (mid) its length is a good inbetween that can be used for alot of things

Just try a bunch of lengths and find one that fits
Or a few in my case :smiley: