String Length

I know the string is supposed to be up to your belly button with the yoyo on the floor, but recently I see many people using much longer strings. Is this the new standard? When I try these tricks I see them doing I end up with no string to work with by the end. What is the Ideal string length?

good question. no, long string doesn’t necessarily have to be used. short string is mostly used for fast paced play, while longer string is used for slower, more complex/string in the gap type of tricks.

you could use either for whichever style you prefer. I guess you could say that the string length cut up to your belly button is the standard suggested length, but its mostly whatever you like. I’ve seen people use short string only up to their waist, and others all the way nearly as tall as they are.

I personally cut my string about chest height, roughly 50" and in 6ft. that is the perfect length for my style. I’ve tried using shorter and hated it. I found myself in your shoes and running out of string.

try making throw string a bit longer for you. it might take a little time getting used to, but may end up being what you like in the end. keep us updated with what you try and if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s all personal preference. I personally do it to just above my belly button, but have been considering trying longer strings.

longer strings give you more freedom and creativity, where shorter strings produce greater speed.

Longer string=easier black hops and triple or nothing type tricks

I tie it just below my belly button. I’m like 6 foot 3.

You’re only 6.3 inches tall? O.o

Sorry, I had to. :wink:

HAHA modified :wink:

i used to cut it at my belly button, but then it makes it really hard to do a triple or nothing. so now i typically like it about 5 inches above.

Use original string length. Absolutely no good reason not to.

Well, unless strings dont come pre tied.

Oh no this thread again…

Plenty of reasons not to. Different people are different heights and have different preferences. This is a silly statement.

Well if you’re short maybe. But if the string isn’t reaching to the floor there isn’t. (Unless you’re good enough. Not saying anybody’s not, but still…)

I guess if you’re saying learning on a string that’s about the same length as other people’s string, I can see that. Makes it so you can be sure you have enough string for most tricks. But having to manage a string that’s too long for you is rough, unless you’re used to it.

Guys, I have used stock fat kitty string. I take it out, tie a loop, and throw. It’s actually really long for me, when I let people use it they always ask why I let my string be so long. Honestly, it’s just my style. It gives me room for a lot of creativity and slack tricks. I actually hate short string, it makes me feel really restricted, but hey, we all have our preferences. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info guys. I have started lengthening my strings and have found that I LOVE the extra length. I now play with fat kitty at almost full length ( minus an inch or so) I found it making just about everything easier.

It’s all personal preference. I use belly button length for my performance 1a, short for horizontal and looping


I’ve found my play style definitely leaning toward the flowy side. The longer string has helped a lot.