String length

I have been out of yoyoing for awhile and picked up my rally today, the string was at my belly button which seemed really short when i was playing, does it need to be longer or is that ok

There is no right or wrong.It doesn’t need to be longer or shorter. Some tricks are harder with shorter strings, some are harder with long. If it feels short to you, make it longer next time.

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That’s pretty short in my opinion, but I usually have it long. I wear them about up to my sternum, but normally you have them about 2 inches above your belly button, but just keep messing with it until you find the length that you like.

Thank you guys

Just so you know, I am 5’10" and my string is 40-43 inches long when I use it. That is usually long for other people, but it’s my preference.

I like long string too, but if the string is too long it makes the tricks look jumbled and soggy. Purely a visual observation.

I prefer a bit longer string as well for 1A. I find it helps me hit slack/whip tricks easier. In fact, I’ve been learning the Branding trick recently and I wasn’t able to hit it consistently until I used a longer string. A longer string means closer contact with the ground when throwing, so be careful! :smiley:

I change string length all the time. I have two main: full length kitty and at my belly button. Full length I use for a more relaxed style and belly button length I use for higher speed. There is no correct length, just preference.

Thanks guys, i increased the string length and it feels alot better