Long string


Do people use extra long string? I see this a lot on Youtube

(major_seventh) #2

Couple inches above belly button=flowy tricks
Belly button and below=faster and more controlled


I got my string up to about chest height, and I’m 6ft. I really don’t care for short string…I find it too hard to play with. I think about a good 52" string is ideal.


only one way to see what you like is to try different length in strings.

your tricks, your yoyo’s, try different lengths and see what is best for YOU…


I hate long string. For me, the shorter the better… But not too short. About 3 or 4 inches below my belly button.


Long string mostly, however it does have an affect on play speed.
Slack tricks also become a little, “floppy”.

Kitty String Fat stretched out works for me comfortably.


Im about 6’1 and if its not atleast 2 inches above my belly button its too short. Just doesnt feel right.


I already have a good string length for me. I have just seen people with what looks like really long string.


Some people buy extra long string and cut it to their liking.
I know Riccardo uses long string.
Same with the guy who plays 2strings1yoyo.



I like it about 3" above my belly button too (6ft+), but mostly because I have monstrously large hands and they take up a ton of string length if I’m doing things like wrist-mount-based stuff. As has been said, do some experimentation. You might find that you like something you didn’t expect to… ;D


Yoyo factory extra long available on yoyo expert


Anywhere from 2 inches shorter then yye poly to yye poly length is the perfectblength for me!


I think Ky uses long string in 1a, but I’m not sure.




You’re 6’1"?!?! That’s crazy man. I’m only 5’ 6" so i don’t use full length string. Maybe a half inch to an inch above my belly button is good for me. Once the string gets used a bit it stretches out and that adds about an inch. Then it’s perfect.


I understand if someone prefers long string after they have tried various lengths, but when i see someone starting out and having string thats up to their chest, it just makes everything look so bad and sloppy.


I use a longer string to learn tricks, then switch when I’ve got them down to a shorter one.