What is the perfect string length?

I see and read that your string length should just be a couple inches above your belly button. Maybe I got short legs and long arms out something but it just feels so uncomfortable at that length. I keep mine at about where my chest is, normally how the string comes stock so no cutting required.
I just want to know everyone else’s preferences about string length, pros and cons?

I set the yoyo on the floor, mark the string where the top of my belly button is, then tie off the string. That seems to work the best for me.

lol chest height, can’t even imagine how awkward that must look and must be so slow and clumsy to play. Not to mention i bet you bash your yoyo into the ground constantly. Whatever works for you i guess, but i suggest you give a shorter string a try. I tie the loop right around belly button level.

I like the belly button rule. Feels comfortable to me.

I’m not sure this is a one-size-fits-all type of thing. I happen to be a guy who might be considered challenged of stature compared to others. My belly button is a bit closer to the floor than some. Consequently on some tricks that can mean I’m at a disadvantage with belly-button length string because I have less string to work with than others. Not a lot, but some. I met a little 12 year old guy last year who was pretty skilled for his age. I guarantee his string went way above his belly button, otherwise he wouldn’t have enough string to get the job done on some of his combos. I prefer my string length an inch, maybe an inch and a half above my naval. Otherwise it feels just a bit to short.

(And that’s with my shoes on. If I cut my string right around my belly button in my stocking feet it’ll be way too short.)

This is what I’m talking about. I’m only 5’4"…so imagine where my belly button is. I wouldn’t even have enough string to do rock the baby. Ive been used to chest length for awhile now, my yoyo hardly ever hit the floor, but more like l light fixtures or ceiling fans.

I find belly button length to be a bit too short for my liking. I’m also about 165cm tall (or about 5 foot 6 to you Americans). I usually tie the loop about 3 inches above my belly button.


I feel the solidarity of a brotherhood building here.

That’s about mine, though I usually check the stock length and if it’s close I just leave it be. Plus or minus an inch or so doesn’t seem to matter to me much. But really it’s a personal preference thing. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Haha, I’ll speak up and be the odd man out here… ;D I’m 6’2" with shoes on, and I like my string a few inches above my navel, which would be neck-high on y’all. I have huge hands, and they take up a ton of string during combos, so I like it even longer than the bellybutton rule would suggest. In fact, I usually find myself making my own strings because I like them long (and because I’m cheap…). I let others try my yoyos all the time, and they’re usually bashed into the floor before the person realizes the string comes up to their chest!

TL;DR - There is no such thing as a “perfect” string length, so fiddle around until you find something you like.

I just use the string stock. Im 5’11 and it comes up just an inch or so above my belly button. I’ve tried to cut it shorter, but belly button size feels weird to me (I was already used to having longer string.) I’d say near your belly button is what most people call “Ideal”. It your own style so I’d say go with what you are comfortable with, however make sure to try other lengths. You might surprise yourself. I’ve heard that shorter string equals more control. I think that is true and false. When attempting tricks like Circular Eli Hops, its easier to wrap the string around my hand a couple of times so my hops are shorter. On the flip side technical tricks seem harder to me with shorter string, since openings and such are smaller.

Personally I think chest length is a bit long, this is the first time I heard anyone using string that high. But if any shorter seems too weird for you that’s fine, do what you are comfortable with.

Whatever works best for you is the best length…

I use my string at about 40-42 inches

As has been said many times, there is no one best string length. That’s one reason why a lot of strings come ridiculously long and not tied. I generally have the yoyo on the floor, go about an inch to an inch and a half above my belly button, and tie from there. I’m guessing if you play at chest height, you’re on the shorter/younger side and don’t have enough string for some tricks. (what tricks, I don’t really know. that’s just my guess)

tl;dr: do whatever works for you.

I use mine stock. It’s about 3 inches above my belly button and I’m 5"6’. I’d cut mine to make it right height but it’s a pain to cut it and put a knot for every string. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mine around my chest because it gives the Yoyo more room to play cause otherwise I’ll miss the string alot