How long do you play your string at?


I use mine a little below my belly button.


I just use it how ever long it comes


Me too. Generally that puts it at the belly button.


im so short that new strings come to my low chest. lol I just keep them there though. I can’t do any triple or nothing tricks with a small string

(laxdude99) #5

I like them higher than my belly button

(Mi) #6

I adjust it to right above my belly button.


however it comes


Uhm… however it comes… i ordered a 10 packs of 1000 about 2 yrs ago so ive been using the same length (will continue to use) for probably ever xD


how do you make the string longer? unless you’re really short? :open_mouth:

and on topic:
i play mine right below my waist line, i like short string. and i can land a triple or nothing and almost a 4x or nothing, haven’t tried though. just assuming.

(Mi) #10

I’m 5’6.


oh okay. i can see how that would work, i’m 5’10’’ so most strings come right up to my bellybutton, seeing as you’re shorter i can see that. nevermind. i feel dumb ???


I play my strings pretty much right at my belly button.
The only throw that has actually come with the string at exactly the right length was my pgm v2


I’m 6’ 0" I play with a belly button length string, with which I can quite easily do a quadruple or nothing
not bragging I realize this is proportional


Is there anywhere that sells like extra long strings?


i put mine at belly button length


lots of people make strings to sell. you can give the measeurments u want them to make it.

on topic: i make my own strings so its like a little higher than my belly button. maybe 2 3 inches? i like my strings long


Yea… i can make em if youd like, or i can tell you how, its super simple. I def recomend making your own strings its alot easier to get the kind of play you want

(yoyo jake) #18

wouldnt that be over $1000 dollrs of string?

yyn sell extra long string


How ever it comes but i get the same stuff every time so its the samish length


I use it the same size as it comes (I shorten about 4 inches for 2a)

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