string length.

Just wondering what people prefer for string length. There really isn’t a standard and i personally prefer a shorter string even though im close to 6’3". Some just like the length pre-tied strings come in… and if you do say so!

I personally like my strings to extend from the top of my bellybutton to just barely above my toes. long enough for great string tricks but short enough for decent control.

I like mine just above my belly button to almost my toes, just a little bit longer. I’m 6’2" but my arm span is pretty long, so if it’s too short it feels constricted. My tricks seem to work better and I have the little extra for some good slack. 8)

Im 5’ 10" but I like mine 4 fingers above my bellybutton. Dayglows and highlights are just the right length I like. Theres no standard cuz were all different heights on top of preferences getting on the way. But I like a little bit longer string.

I’m 5’ tall and like mine at 107cm (around 42") these days.
Recently switched up from 90cm a couple of weeks ago.
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I just leave it the way it is. :slight_smile:

I measure mine with yo sitting on grond just to my bellybutton, that is barefoot so when I go out side with shoes I have a little room for error. I have made my string a little shorter on nice throws when I know I’m going to throm it outside over concrete, my stringis is allways a little short cause I’m scared of banging my new nice throws on the ground.

I prefer floor to belly button. I tried some kids FHZ yesterday and he had string length probably up to my chest. I honestly don’t see how one can control what they’re doing.

I’m 6’1", I like about 2-3 inches above my bellybutton. Gives me extra string to work with when maneuvering a fullsize yo through tight string spaces.

Do you range the length for 5A as compared to 1A?

Im 4’ 8" and i usually cut my strings around 8 inches below my shoulders.

I’m pretty short (5’3") for a full grown adult but I have a decent span so I go about 4 to 5 inches above my bellybutton for string tricks, and about waist level or a little shorter for looping.

I am 6’ 3" and for my 1A I have the string at 47" and for 5A I suppose it is somwhere around 42-43" and that is including the slipknot. 3A is 41-42". I am very specific for my 1A and 3A length but not so much with 5A but it definitly has to be shorter.

For me I have a particular hop that I like to do below my shoulder and I have my string length just long enough to do that certian hop and that does great for me.

I’m 5’10" and I like mine maybe 5 inches above my bellybutton for 1A. For 5a, I like the counterweight exactly on my bellybutton

Edit: with the yoyo on the floor, held between my ankles, that is.

I use the one drop basic strings, and i love them because they are prelooped, and the height is great for me, I’m 6’1" on a good day and I prefer my strings shorter than longer, it’s much more difficult for certain tricks if the string is a couple inches longer.

this may need to go in tips, but instead of measuring a new string with something vague like four fingers above the belly button, just put it against the old string and use that as a measuring tool.

That’s how I do it. Then adjust for length being I seem to like longer these days.
The whole belly button thing is from the Duncan imperial packaging (at least that’s the first time I saw it), I highly recommend trying different lengths if someone has only been playing by that random spec.
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I tried different lengths until I fund one that allowed for enough control, speed and versatility. I found that kitty string came at a nice length I didn’t need to cut so I use an old string as my template and cut to length. Now I use either twisted stringz poly or A1 and cut to length which is about 43.5 inches. I’m 5’11 and this length is just a few inches below the middle of my chest.

Me too.

Teeny bit over your belly button. Maybe when your hand reaches the soft spot on your belly that I guess is your stomach organ? That works for me.