Preferred string length poll


So “everyone” knows that the magic general recommendation for yo-yo string length is :sparkles: belly button length :sparkles:

The “official” string length for a yo-yo is from the floor to the height of your belly button when the string is on your finger. Measure the length 3" above your belly button. Fold the string over and tie an overhand knot to make the yo-yo loop. Trim off the excess string.


However I find that as I get better over time I am preferring slightly longer strings and short strings start to feel artificially limiting. I recently met Bryan Figueroa and he likes a suuuuper long string, like crazy long, but I guess that’s what happens when you are 6 time national US 4A champion :rofl:

So I’m wondering, relative to your own body as a metric (which makes sense, as a 5’2" tall persion probably doesn’t want a string anywhere close to the length a 6’10" person would use)… measuring with …

  • the yo-yo on the floor (motionless, not spinning)
  • the yo-yo string attached to your finger
  • pulling your string finger up as high as possible on your body without lifting the yo-yo off the floor

… exactly how far up should your string go on your body, if it’s at your personal ideal, preferred string length? (assume this is for standard 1A yo-yo play, so we’re all on the same page)

And before we begin, a helpful anatomic diagram :smiley:


  • below my belly button
  • at my belly button
  • a little above my belly button
  • at my stomach
  • at my chest
  • at my chin

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String Length

Wow you “at my chin” folks are hardcore :metal:


The more I play, the shorter my strings get. I used to play chest length, now I play slightly below my belly button

(Andrew) #4

I was just thinking about starting a poll this morning! :laughing: Right on the money, @codinghorror.

Personally I’m trying to get more consistent about string lengths but they’ve definitely gotten longer. Used to be at belly button but now roughly four fingers above. I need space for my awkward hands, I guess!


I had to check my … er… biology … to make sure “stomach length” string was indeed correct! The stomach is pretty high up on the body, just under the chest / lungs!


The belly button would be more “intestines area” :wink:


I knew I should have looked at a diagram first… I guess I’m more in the upper stomach range.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #7

I’ve been using sternum-length string.


Yeah, to me “stomach” means “pretty high above the belly button but not quite at chest level” … turns out that’s biologically correct as well.

Chest level is pretty high that’d be sternum @markd. Still isn’t as crazy as the chin level people though :grin:

Anyway, I’ve added a marked up diagram to the post so it’s clearer where “stomach” is at least!


Maybe you’re just getting taller.


I did something the other day; just because the situation presented itself and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I got a yo-yo in the mail and it came with a supplied string. As I put the string on the yoyo; it became immediately apparent that the string was extremely short. 28 inches to be exact. That doesn’t even come up to the bottom button on my 501 Levis🙀

I normally use string at about stomach length(for me; about 42/44 inches). Obviously just a string machine ‘blip’; nothing more.

But because the string was new and I am kind of adventurous; I decided ‘what the heck’; let’s see what happens?

I held out for around 15/20 minutes. I did just about every single trick at my mediocre skill level. And then wisely decided to store the string in a good spot. The kitchen trash can.

It was very enlightening for me. I found out a few things. I found that I can go from the light to Darth Vader darkness in less than 20 minutes. I found that as much as I talk; that I can go completely silent and shake my head in the ‘no’ orientation for an extended length of time. I concluded that as much as I have found yoyos to be a perpetual fun generating experience for me; this last 20 years; that I can almost totally forget I am having fun in less than 20 minutes.

I understand that string length is totally personal preference. And sometimes varies depending on the mission at hand.

The impromptu experience enabled me to recognize that my short string adventure was a One and Done affair. And if I ever get another short string in my hands; I will most likely use it to tie off a trash bag.

One and done…:flushed:


2 inches above belly button , for me! and then i stretch AFTER i cut it…

(ClockMonster) #13

About an inch above the belly button is where I set it. I have a “reference string” that I use to measure out where to knot and cut new strings.

I’ve noticed that with greater proficiency comes an ability to tolerate, and even prefer, longer string lengths. Especially when most combos begin with a breakaway and you don’t have to worry about hitting yourself in the face even though the string is four feet long…


Not sure why that never crossed my mind haha. Still though, I haven’t grown that much… I guess chest length for me back then is a little above stomach length for me now. So still a bit shorter.

(ZAC) #15

I tie off at about nipple range. Im only 5ft6 so that still isnt crazy long.

(Mk1 Yoyos) #16

I guess the sternum is pretty long - I was measuring to the “xiphoid process” which is maybe 3" above the navel. Really, I just wanted to type out funny words. :smiley:


There is something called a FiboBelly ratio which is “the measurement from the navel to the floor and the top of the head to the navel is the golden ratio.” It’s a golden mean, and produces an irrational number.

Try that for your next math project, you could do worse. For the students, it’s a great way to see the cute girl’s belly button for the “sample set,”:wink:

Actually it makes no common sense to me. Is belly button height really a ratio of anything? Feel free not to answer lol.

(Ethan Evans) #18

I used to use full length kitty string; about as tall as me. But i was notorious for dinging yoyos, so i shortened it to somewhere in between my chest and chin.