String length?


Hey guys just starting again after 10-12 years or so. Long time I know. Anyways, I’ve just started learning binds and some basic unresponsive string tricks. My question is about string length. I’m used to cutting string and looping it at around belly button height. However, when I watch some of these freestyle vids you guys post, it looks to me like sting is way longer than that. Is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Or is string usually longer nowadays? Thanx


String is as long as you want it to be. The most preferred method from what I’ve seen is an inch or two above belly button height.
Shorter string will be much faster, longer will be slower.

What I always found a bit funny though was watching kids at some meet ups who use string as tall as they are.


Long string is good if you are just learning, or like taking it slow. Shorter string is used for faster play, so I use shorter string at contests. It appears you are still learning, so just go with whatever length fells good for you.


I’m just returning to yoyos after 18 years my self. Been at it for 4 days. Can do a couple easy binds. Some intermediate tricks. I started with very long string. Cut back to belly button height, and then lengthened it to a couple inches longer than the belly button height. I think the couple inches above belly button height is my preference right now. Get a box of 100 strings and experiment a little, it’s worth the effort to play with different lengths to find what feels natural.


I usually do around about up to my Lower Chest because I go really long with my string

I guess around 95cm then


Thanks guys for the replies. I usually keep it belly button maybe lil higher. Seems that what you guys recommend also. I am jut learning new style of play, yes, but I can do most all of the basic tricks from back in day. I do have the simple binds down at this point. I have about 75 strings broken up between kitty, type x, and a batch fom yoyoplay. Just to experiment and see which I like best. Thanks again. Glad to hear I had them at around suggested length. Just seems so much longer on the vids to me for some reason lol.


My kid prefers string my length, so yeah, it’s around his height.

As far as general string length: Start with belly button to floor length. Try one shorter, try one longer. See which you like better. It’s only string.


Are you talking about meeeeee ::slight_smile:


I prefer mine at the bottom of my rib cage (about 3-4 inches past my belly button). My little brother likes his to the bottom of his chin, but that is because he is only 10, so that string is about average for most people who are taller. (I think he got that from stealing my throws :P)