How long is your string?

I always cut my fresh strings at my belly button, so after I tie it it would come up about 2 inches below my belly button. But I lately found myself needing more string for tricks. So now I have it to where if my yoyo is on the ground, and my finger is tied in the slip knot, it comes about 3 inches above my belly button. I find that my play feels a lot more stable, but that I can’t play nearly as fast. now i don’t know if that is because I need to get used to it, or if the extra string really does effect speed so drastically. So I wanna see where you guys are playing, and if length effects your stability and speed as much as mine.
And sorry for my constant use of the word belly button. It is just the only standard of measuring string that takes someone’s hight into the equation.

by the way… I’m talking about 1A play

I never cut the string no matter what kind I get. I prefer Kitty for its length because I do a lot of tech lately and I need the extra string length.

I tend to go for about 2-3 inches below my navel. I went through a phase of using ridiculously long string when I first started since it’s fantastic for slacks. However, I filmed myself doing a few tricks and noticed how sloppy/messy it looked compared to when I was using a shorter string so I switched back and have kept it short since.

After tying, inch or two above my belly button. Or about 3 inches shorter than full-length Kitty if you want to go that way.

I play my kitty string almost full length, I cut maybe an inch, give or take some depending on each string. I use Ammo and Blueprints too and use those at full length since they’re slightly shorter than kitties.

If you feel like you need more string, play with more string. You’re right in saying that more advanced tricks need more “string real estate,” as my friend would say. The best thing to do if you’re playing with the length, tie it where you feel you may like it and play it for a bit before cutting it. That way if you need to re-tie it to a different length you can do so and don’t waste a string.

Really man? No matter what time of string? You must be pretty tall because I’ve gotten strings that have come nearly all the way to my chest, no way I could throw all that without dents lol

I’m only 5’10’’

Give that man a YYF Extra Long. :wink:

I’m 6’2’’ and I use shorter string. Take standard Yoyofactory sting and make new loop right under original loop. For me it offers more control and I can go faster. And I never hit ground with my yo-yos :slight_smile:

I really dislike people using uncut Kitty string, in 99% it looks just horrible and without any control. There are just few people that can use this string length to its potential.

I use most string full length unless it’s all the way to my chest. Then I’ll just cut it slightly shorter. I can’t handle using anything shorter than what regular yye poly string length is, because it just isn’t long enough for my normal technical tricks, especially my horizontal tricks because I need more room to move.

I personally prefer long string. I normally use fat kitty at its full length which has comes about up to my chest. I tried playing with short string and I just don’tlike the feel. The thing I don’t get is when people use string that’s cut as long as up to their waist… Now that’s waayyy too short, unless your like 7ft! Lol! :slight_smile:

Watch Mickey or Shinya Kido… that’s some short string and they sure make it look good. Way better than the awkward stuff so many long-string players come up with! Not saying you’re one of them, just saying the odds of looking sloppy seem to increase as your string gets longer, requiring more effort for clean performance.

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Short like waist height maybe an inch above.

MY string is 110 cm
even tough my height is 190 but im comfortable with that lenght

100% on this. Weird thing is, since Ive started throwing, Ive grown almost 8 inches in height, but have always used the same length string. I’m about 5ft 8 now, and strings usually reach about chest level. Also, short strings just make slack tricks less impressive-looking.

Unless the slack goes around TOO slowly and kinda just flops around, or if the slack is so long that string tension starts to twist it up and it looks like crap.

Geez Greg, what a way to make fun of me… Lol jk ;D

But yeah, I agree, players that use shorter string do make the tricks look a lot nicer a clean. But I think short and long string involve two different looks and styles of play. Take Zach Gormley for example. He uses incredibly long string and he style usually looks really clean. Granted, you can go as fast as with short string, but there’s also a ton of stuff and tricks that can only be done with longer string.

I guess as long as one practices enough, they can make the tricks with longer string look fluid and clean… At least to some extent.

Long string holds more potential. If you are seamless at doing it, you can wrap extra string around your hand when a shorter length is required (for speed combos or whatever). Then the extra length is there for when you have tricks that work better with more string.

Short string, you can’t just make longer…

HOWEVER, you’ve hit the nail on the head: you have to be a good player to pull it off. :wink: Not just practicing the basic moves of a trick, but practice the string being taut when it needs to be taut, and maintaining momentum and clean lines.

About at the belly button is where I prefer it.

I cut off about 3 inches from a Kitty Fat.

About two inches over my belly button witch for me is a full length kitty string stretched till it won’t stretch anymore and tied with the smallest loop I can make it.