String length DOES matter

This post really only applies to younger people or shorter people that need to adjust their string. Some people who are taller may like to, but I don’t know.

Ok well this is just about how string length can really affect how you play. When I started, I would usually just take a string out, slap it on the yoyo, and just start playing. I was only around 5 ft. when I started throwing so the string was pretty long for me. Even about 6 or 7 months ago I was using Toxic’s and those where very long on me. Then about three months ago I started to cut my string to the right length and it made all the difference in th world. You get harder throws because you don’t have to lift up your arm to keep it off of the floor anymore.You also don’t have to worry about dinging it as much. Now I’m about 5 ft. 4 in. and I still cut a little bit off of the bulk Yoyoexpert strings.

If your not adjusting your string and you want to but don’t know where to put it this is what I do. I cut it about an inch above my belly button, so when you tie it and make your slip knot it’s almost on your belly button.

Just remember adjust your string!! It makes a big difference.

I actually enjoy long string, but for competitions I cut my string.

I don’t leave my so long that I have to lift my arm when I’m throwing, but I definitely like it cut longer then the belly button trick. I find that that gives me very little room for slack. I normally cut between 3-5 inches above my belly button, so I have some string to work with, but its not super long.

Well, when your really tall like me, I am 13 turning 14 August 2nd and I am 6"2 I usually don’t cut my string as much, because I usually have to buy yyf super long string to make it the right height.

Try yoyostringlab I’m 6’4" and i have to take about 3 inches off it.

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I’m also 6’2, I buy regular white poly and take about an inch off.

A certain brand of poly? I don’t use yye bulk string.

Yep, not only does playing with too-long string look super awkward(honestly i can’t watch kids playing with chest-height string, it’s like watching a cat walk in shoes), but it also makes tricks way slower, harder, and increases the chances of dinging your yoyo. Please kids, cut your string, even if just so i can stop getting dinged yoyos off the B/S/T.


I personally prefer a longer string but I agree it can make all the difference in terms if play, consistency and of course increases the chances of damaging your yoyo. Most of the time I cut my string using an old string to judge the length. Every once in a while though I love playing a toxic at full length.

I’m 5"9

I like it stock. Pretty long.

Maybe kitty.

Yeah, the YYE white poly.

I’m 5’10", and the longer the better with me. Long string is essential in my play style.

Heres a few things I have noticed regarding string length.

I used to buy extra long strings to use for 1A. These string were about an extra 6 inches than the industry standard length. I found that when using these, I could easily navigate through string segments, work on larger body tricks and tricks with large movement, and open up slacks much easier.

I also tried using shortened strings, about 2 inches or so shorter than the industry standard. What i found is that a shorter string allows you to play faster more naturally, and in many cases will give you much more control over the yoyos movements.

I tend to switch out depending on the situation. When Im messing around casually or trying out new tech concepts, I like to use a shorter string. When I’m getting ready for a contest and on stage for contest, I like a longer string.

Worth noting, some players use exclusively certain length strings for their advantage.

Hiroyuki Suzuki uses short strings which seem to greatly assist his speed and tech:

While other players such as Masataka Ichimori use extra long strings for big movements and style

All preferences and what seems to work better for yourself.



I’m only 5’ or so and I play my strings at 108cm. I just never play something I don’t want to get dinged over a carpeted area outside. It’s pretty rare that I ever hit it, but particularly for review yoyos they need to be kept in mint condition, as much as is possible.
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Oh man i get tired just watching that video. Look at the amount of effort required to move all that string around. I’m way too lazy for all that, but it does look better once you have a bunch of segments and wraps, little easier for the audience to see what’s going on. Definitely up to individual preference, i’ll just say everyone who’s never cut their own string and just uses stock length at least owes it to themselves to try a shorter one, they might be surprised how much easier those double and triple lacerations and hooks happen.

That’s something I forgot to mention. I play a lot faster with my string being shorter. It’s easier to maneuver and you play faster.

It is a lot preferance, but I think when you’re just starting out cut your string. And if you’ve never tried cutting it, just try it. You may like it.

The standard string length is about a cm shorter than from my belly-button to the floor. Because of this I’ve never really bother cutting my string apart from my failed attempts at looping. I’ve tried extra long string, it gives you a lot of room and it’s very good for body tricks, but I felt like I had to work to get the yoyo moving around.

did no one notice he said hes 13 and hes 6’2"??? you my friend are giant

Ya I am, it’s pretty weird.

I know how you feel man, I went into HS at 6’4" and never grew again. I’m 25 now.