string length preferences changing?

I was recalling back around when I got into yoyoing around the beginning of 07 that it seemed that quite a few players used shortened string (e.g. Jessie Garcia, Bergy, etc) and roaming about contest, it seemed that many preferred this.
I notice now that there appears to be a lot of players choosing to use a very long string instead (e.g. Ky Zizan, Zach, etc.). Is there a certain benefit that longer string has now that shortened string lacked? And if that’s the case, why does it seem shortened strings were preferred as apposed to longer before?
Just something I was thinking about :slight_smile:

Long strings are awesome technical tricks, whips, slacks, rejections, etc. Opens up a lot more possibilities that shirt string can’t do.

Some tricks like Yuki Slack seem nearly impossible with short strings…to me anyway. I personally always used the to-the-navel method of string length setting, but now I just use the whole string. It also saves valuable time in re-stringing; time that could be spent learning how to do tricks like Yuki Slack.

long tricks are better for the more tech/slack type tricks that yoyo community is moving too. the older yoyo tricks are more of what we are used to seeing from our asain counterparts with the fast not incredibly complex ( not to diss them what they do is still hard) if you look at old videos you will see the difference of play and string.

What alecto said.

Lately the two main strings I’m using come pre-tied and are fairly long. I do an extra “loop” around my finger to shorten them by an inch and a bit, and although they’re still not quite as short as I prefer, I get to use the pre-tied loop. :wink:

I used to cut all my strings to exactly 115cm before tying, but I soon stopped caring probably at some point after I came back from wyyc. Now I use (tied) 125cm kitty and 105cm auldey all alike, but my guess is that i ll eventually settle somewhere around 115.
To this day I still always undo the knot on most pre-tied strings to make a bigger loop around only a few millimeters shorter than my fingers circumference, so that it doesnt constrict my finger as hard. Before I cut the string during this step for tied and untied strings alike.

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I’m into medium length string actually. I find it harder to be smooth if the string is too long.

My personal fav. are the Nylon Kitty Strings. But thats just my opinion. Also I perfer longer strings as opposed to short ones.

For my style, I use the full length. I typically have different brands of strings on all of my throws, every yoyo isn’t equipped with the same brand of string. Therefore, some strings are a bit longer/shorter than others. I differentiate the length of my string, based on the yoyo’s personality(if that makes sense) and the type of tricks I do. I like shorter string for more control on horizontal’s,and speed combo’s. I prefer long string for tech, slack’s, whip’s, suicide’s, rejection’s; and everything else. I really have no length preference ;D I also tie knots an small as possible for maximum length. Hope this help’s ;D :smiley: :slight_smile:

I have been using full length kitty, but recently tried some Twisted Stringz solids which are even a bit longer than kitty (2cm maybe?) and I like them. I like to play slower and more laid back.

Thanks for the retying trick kadabrium. Thats a good idea.

I used to throw with short string, I tied another loop to highlights. But as my tricks changed and evolved I started to prefer longer strings.

i personally don’t ever cut my strings unless i have a looping and/or beginner yoyo

but as for what longer string does…

-it gives you more trick possibilities, being that you have more string to work with


-it actually gives you a longer spin time, i have used full length kitty most of my yoyoing life, and compared to when i (sometimes) cut the same string for 3a, it gives a noticeably longer spin time.

I think people should use whatever length they want; however, if you’ve asked for an opinion on a video and I can see in the video that you either a) don’t have control of your long string, resulting in slow and choppy looking play; or b) are doing the types of tricks that don’t benefit from long string… don’t be surprised when I suggest that a shorter string will improve your combos. :wink:

Oh Greg. If only shortening the string would make my tricks less choppy. Incidentally, I must apologize to Yuuki…I spelled his name ‘Yuki’ earlier in the thread. For the record; I can’t do the trick any better than I can spell it.

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I started with YYF neon strings, which were exactly at my belly button; I’m 6’2" for reference. Then I got some Blueprints, which were ever so slightly longer, and I liked them a lot, and the YYF strings seemed too short. Then, I got some Type X and Slackline Poly, and started using those full length. I really liked how those gave me more room for my giant hands, so I pretty much stopped using the Blueprints completely, and was sold on the longer, premium, not pre-tied strings. When those two 10 packs wore out, I got a bunch of Dragons, which were even longer, a couple inches above the bottom of my sternum. Used those full length and liked them, but really had to be conscious not to ding my throws.

Then, I ordered some Fat Kitty as a bulk pack so I didn’t chew through those spendy Dragons. And found Kitty strings are pretty much my perfect length. So now I cut every Dragon to the same length as Kitty.

The only throw I use shorter string on is my Horizon, because it makes finger spins less hazardous to my surroundings. I use the belly button rule for that.

i hardly pay attention but ideally its kitty string uncut length.

I don’t get why people say uncut kitty string… You have to cut it at least a little bit to form the loop lol

hmm. no

I’ve tied a loop right to the end of the string so no cutting. :slight_smile:

But it’s a little too long for me when I tried that.

I think it’s true that people seemingly start moving towards longer string, at least it is in my club. However I started yoyoing with pretty much the longest possible from a new string, but I gradually shorten it on purpose, now when it’s attached to my finger it’s like 4cm above my belly.