string length question...

What length string are you guys using? The package said to let the yoyo hang down and to cut at about my belly button. (I think) but in some of these videos and pics it looks longer (at least i think ) so I was just wondering …

That’s the length i use. I think the biggest mistake beginners(as well as seasoned players) can make is having the string too long. Long string is just so clumsy and makes whips and most tricks a lot tougher. Also if people would shorten their strings i guarantee they’d stop dinging so many yoyos. Boggles my mind some of the damage kids can inflict on a yoyo.

Edit: I don’t cut at the belly button. I pinch there, tie the knot, then cut off the excess. Cutting there would make the string quite short by the time you tied the knot.

Thats pretty much the standard… youll find that certain string lengths will feel better with different yoyos and what not untill you find something you like with everything. I personally like my strings a little short.

I sometimes use long sometimes short…most of the time because im too lazy to cut the string. I use shorter string for competitions.

That’s what is recommended, but just use whatever is comfortable with you. One of my friends uses full-length string, and his hand has to be up to his chin for the yoyo to not touch the floor (he’s short, like me.). For me, I like shorter string, because it is a lot faster in my experience. Just experiment, and see what you like. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys!

I usually just tie a knot right under the existing one and don’t even bother cutting off the excess.

I agree, with what alot of people said. I used to use long string too, I realized that it does just make tricks harder. Now i cut my string right at my belly button. About 51 inches. It’s perfect.

I cut my string just about half/one inch above my belly button with the string not stretched. It’s long enough to do complex tricks and short enough not to ding my yoyo if I mess up and short enough to make doing whips/slack tricks easier.