Short string, normal string, or long string?

I use kitty raw, if anything I try to make a very small opening for my finger then make a slipknot. Can’t play short string.

 When I say that regardless of the height of the individual in question, the hands of the individual are spaced apart likewise to that of any other one individual, I am obviating that while playing with the yo-yo, the individual does not carry his hands in relation to string length in other ways than that of any other one individual, excepting any peculiar taste that that individual may have.

As you continue playing you will more than likely find yourself cutting strings longer and longer.
In my personal opinion playing with anything below your belly button is too short tho.

My friend bought some 5 foot long string and he uses it full length. I was able to try it yesterday but it was so difficult to work with. :sob::joy:

My string preferences seem to slowly change without me consciously deciding to go longer or shorter. I’ve found that if I put a new string on a yoyo as I’m putting it away for a while (so it’ll be ready the next time I want to use it), I almost always end up unhappy with the length when I go back to it.