My first yoyo tutorial


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Sorry sir, if I am mean by any ways. Please take no offense on this post, I am just telling you something that I really need to say because you ALWAYS DO IT.

YOUR TUTORIAL IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ONES!!! Like seriously, you’ve described it well and it’s easy to do. Great Job. ;D

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:') I have never been so flattered. My ego is in the 90,000’s right now. I’m glad I could help. If you have any tutorial requests let me know and I will be more than happy to do my best to make it!

Thanks again,
Adam N

Great tutorial, but where a darker shirt next time

Watch in HD and its fine :D. I saw no problem with the shirt color. But next time I will be sure to do so :).

AHEM WHAT THE nunchuck!!! That was an awesome tutorial! Time to learn it :stuck_out_tongue:

TUT SERIES!!! I demand it :smiley:

Anyway good job, and keep up the good work.

by the way… fix the link
here is your tutorial

I’m glad I can entertain you. Thank you for your kind words! I do plan to make tutorials in the future, any references on what tricks. I will be doing some of my own also. And I will be wearing a darker shirt! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Yellow string on white wall didn’t really work either.

Three more things (all of which are related to your text):

  1. Spelling and Punctuation. For the most part, it was good, but there were a few mistakes in there. It did make understanding the trick a little confusing at times, which is why I’m mentioning it.

  2. “Side View.” When you play the clip, we’ll be able to figure our that it’s a view from the side. Stuff like that just makes it a really long tutorial. You also don’t want anything to detract from the learning experience. Alot of people do that, thought, that’s just my personal preference.

  3. NEVER use the words “right” and “left.” Throwhand (or TH) and Non-Throwhand (NTH). Not everyone is right handed, and using right and left is really confusing for lefties, making your tutorial inaccessible to alot of people.

Notwithstanding, as stated above, it was a very good tutorial. These are just a couple of nitpicky things. You’re doing great stuff man, keep them coming :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who got redirected to a video of Billy Mayes falling into a bathtub? 0_o I honestly thought this thread was a joke until a bunch of people started critiquing the tutorial…

haha thats funny

I didn’t even think about the whole right and left handed thing thanks for bringing that up man. But as for the whole t shirt thing I really saw nothing wrong with it and half the time the string had my wall for the background not my T shirt. Just something for people to say was wrong with the video :P.

I actually kinda mimicked your videos Kyle, obviously not as awesome but I still tried to make it as best as I could. Did you even see the video? 
If not here is a link to my YouTube page, you will find the video on there.

I just watched it, very nice sir! I do agree with the people that have already commented that the string could have been more visible at parts, but for the majority of the time, I thought it was clear enough. I was also very impressed by your description. You were deliberate in making sure the viewer knew what was supposed to happen in each move, which is important. Good work man; you should keep making tutorials.

Oh and by the way… I won’t get into it, but I figured out how in the world I got to the random Billy Mays video the first time I tried to watch your tutorial. Just saying. haha

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I don’t want to sound weird or anything, but it means a lot to me that you liked my video. After all I have learned most of my tricks from you, I can’t wait to see more of your stuff in the future. Also it would be soooooo sweet if you did a video of you just yoyoing, I would pay money to watch that!

Thanks for the kind words,
Adam N

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