Abby1371's yoyo element series tutorials

Hey guys so i made a thread earlier about an idea i had for a tutorial series, well, i put it into action and here’s the first video!
BTW if your curious about the thread here it is:,82349.0.html
and the video is right below!

be ruthless this is my first time doing a really decent tutorial IMO so if you have any suggestions let me know!
also i am planning on doing this on a monthly basis for viewing pleasure and, also so i can figure out what element i want to make a tutorial for next!  ;D


Ok, so the text kinda blocks out your hands, but the angle at the 2 minute-ish mark was pretty good at showing the steps too. Maybe put the words up top or something, but other than that, I was able to follow very well. I feel like this was a great first try

subbed. I love the idea

noted will fix it with the next one

String visibility should be a point of emphasis. The backlight from the windows doesn’t help.

super late bump but, heres the newest tutorial!


I hope you can do a different camera angle specially when your doing the transition to triangle. If you can, do a different camera angles (top, front and sides.) when you are doing a tutorial. It will help us better to understand what you are doing. Anyway, I think your trick is nice! :slight_smile:

thanks! and thanks for the input, tutorial making is very much still a work in progress for me. :wink:

If I’m gonna be finicky, I’d say the text was a bit hard to read, but this tutorial was REALLY easy to follow, I really like how broken down the trick was.

Literally making each motion a step in the tutorial made this video great, IMO. Maybe I’m an unskilled yoyo-plebeian who needs his hand held through higher level tricks, but the way you broke down the trick made it so I could really tell what steps go into the trick.
I’m gonna start practicing this element right away, I’ve really been getting into slacks lately, and this one looks fun!

thanks! I’m actually fixing that right now, will be re uploaded soon with better text coloring

Yes the text was a bit dark but I had no problem learning it anyways. I would definatly suggest white (Or some other bright color) Text in your next tutorial also it wouldn’t hurt to make the text bigger.

But otherwise I thought it was a well put together tutorial


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Oh I missed that post

That will look real nice with some brighter text.

actually i was using white text but, some of it wouldn’t show up with the background so I’m kinda in a rock and a hard place.

Outline your text in black, that usually helps… assuming you can do that. You can also use a black text box with white text at the bottom of the screen

huh good to know I’ll do that next time!

new video for this month!!! enjoy!