i am on youtube!


hey guys im on youtube soif your looking for me I’m a brodsky i would really love it if you subscribed and now i can support the yakuza woohoo ;D



Could you provide a link? I went on YouTube and couldn’t find you.


sure id be happy to
here you go


Okay, please excuse my daftness kiddo, “my first video”. That’s it right?

You are probably going to think I’m tricking you Abby, you look almost exactly like I had you pictured. Maybe your hair is a little shorter than I had pictured, but other than that I could have picked you out of a crowd at the mall.

“That girl over there in the stripes, that’s Abby.” :wink:

You’ve got some yoing skills there girl! You could teach me a thing or two, I know that. I really enjoyed getting the chance to kind of meet you! One question, are you a south-paw or is the video flipped. I know my computer does that.

Thanx Abby. It was fun watching your video.


Liked and Subscribed. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks


And yes that was my first video I’m planning on more tomorrow so I can show me effort in my tricks

(Owen) #8

Very good Abby!

I have underestimated you.

In terms of yoyo skills, and looks :wink:

Nemo out


I subbed dftba


What throw are you using in that video? It was good by the way, better than me.




You guys relize I wasn’t even trying in that video I can do better you’d be surprised plus I am somewhat fluent in 2a a5 and 1a however I am planning on getting into 3a


I am fluent in English! Lol… NIce video.


It was readily apparent from watching your video you are capable of much, much more than what we saw. I well understood this video’s purpose was just to say “Hi there, Abby here.” I for one was just thrilled to get a chance to see you throw a little and see what my good friend Abby looks like. That right there made my whole day!

Trust me, it was evident from watching you that if you put in your best effort you’re capable of some pretty impressive combos. I’m looking forward to your next video kiddo!

P.S. Question
Abby, are you right of left handed?

(NotATyrant) #15

I believe you did a great job, and if you ever come to Chicago sometime, drop by on the 3rd Saturday of the month and visit the yo-yo club there. Maybe you can teach me something!



thank you and that was a legecy 2 by yoyojam white with dark blue caps


Oh okay.



(Owen) #20

Sing in your video!

And do some 5a if you can! I wanna see your skills