What’s up guys! I made my YT channel last night and here is the link to it:

Currently, I just have the video of me doing Sports Ladder at Worlds on there, but I will be making tutorials for original tricks of mine and my favorite tricks!


I will be posting on this thread when I upload tutorials.

EDIT: I have now reached my goal of ONE THOUSAND total video views, and also my goal of TWENTY subscribers! I know it isn’t much, but it means a lot to me! Thank you guys so much for the support!

EDIT: I have now reached my goal of TWO THOUSAND total video views, and also my goal of THIRTY subscribers! Like in the above edit, I guess it isn’t really that much, but it still means a lot to me. Thanks a ton for your support!

Whats your handle on youtube? Link doesn’t seem to work for me, RNYY

My “handle” is redneckyoyoer3826.

BTW, the fact that you called me “RNYY” confirms that that makes sense, LOL. I might need to use that for…“certain purposes” in the future, LOL.

Go right ahead my fellow thrower. i was just in a hurry so thats why i shortened it. I should’ve assumed that was your handle on there but I use the YYE app so the numbers weren’t visible at the time;)

man… i watched that sports ladder video… and instantly got remindet why i didnt want to compete in sports ladder at my nationals… this is so boring to do man :wink: has nothing to do with actually yoyo performances

It gives kids a chance to do it, because most people aren’t christopher chia or janos karancs

ya i get that! i m not even close to being able to get into the pro level in competitions… i just think the format is really really boring, i get why they have it but i still wouldn´t want to compete in it since its such a boring format.
when the german nationals came up, i was first excited because i thought maybe i would try to create my first freestyle and just have fun in the sports ladder. but after seeing the rules i instantly knew i wouldnt compete

I subbed, hope you post some cool videos.

Thanks man!

BTW, everybody, I won’t be posting videos next week…and maybe not even the next week. I’ve got a camping trip going on.

Sorry about that…but hopefully you guys will enjoy my original tricks!



I am going to try to post a tutorial of the first trick I ever invented this upcoming week!

Here it is - my first tutorial! I hope you like it!


And don’t forget to…



One small piece of advice, try to lower the echo somehow.

Shoot - this is the second complaint I have had about the echo. I didn’t think it was that bad…

But anyway, the place that I shoot my tutorials is very open and has like twenty foot ceilings. And my editing software is Windows Movie Maker, LOL. Sorry, but I guess the echo stays.

BTW, I need more feedback guys!


I’ve got one hundred video views and ten subscribers now! So let’s go for ONE THOUSAND video views and ONE HUNDRED subscirbers!!!

I would LOVE feedback!

The next tutorial is going to be an original repeater called Indiana Jones! I am going to TRY make it then post it on Wednesday! My goal is to post a tutorial every week (on Wednesdays, because it is my least busiest day of the week, LOL)!

My second tutorial has been posted! The trick is an original repeater.


More tutorials to come! Hopefully another one will be posted NEXT Wednesday!


BTW, sorry, but the camera wasn’t fully zoomed-in this time! I totally forgot…because the camcorder’s screen lies! LOL. It won’t happen next time.


Next tutorial is a chopsticks trick called Warp Pipe! Hopefully it will be posted on Wednesday (like the past two).

Strangely enough. This is the third post that has been made about the YouTube release of this video.

Like I have said in all of them.

Great trick, but I can’t learn it. My Mach Whips are terrible.

Nothing wrong with a little publicity, right?

Thanks again!