Only 6 views away from 100 on the Prodigal Son tutorial!

And only 6 views away from 50 on the Indiana Jones tutorial!

Thanks so much guys!

Feedback on both tutorials greatly appreciated!


And BTW, I will quit bumping the threads (in the YoYo Tricks section) on my individual tutorials when the individual tutorial reaches 100 views. Sorry if the all the bumping has been annoying…

It’s great day for my channel because…


Thank you very much guys!

The next tutorial will posted tomorrow! The trick is an original chopsticks trick called Warp Pipe.

The third tutorial has been posted! The trick is an original chopsticks trick.

Feedback PLEASE!

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BTW, as you might have noticed, for the past three Wednesdays (including this one), I have posted a new tutorial for an original trick. Well, I regret to annouce that I might be taking a break from this pattern for a week or two for a special reason (which you will see in a future video if this break happens!). I will post later to confirm or unconfirm this break.

ALL RIGHT! I’ve got FIFTEEN subscribers now! Thanks you SO much for the support guys!

I got 40 views on the Warp Pipe tutorial in less than 2 days! Thanks guys! Let’s see if we can get 50 views on it by around 6:30 tonight (the 48 hour mark)!

BTW, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Whoops, I forgot to post that I reached this goal yesterday afternoon!

But I have a problem! The Warp Pipe tutorial has hit a wall! It is still at 51 views! Let’s keep that number growing folks!

I take this back…the view count hadn’t updated (once again). It was actually like in the sixties, LOL. Sorry about that…

But anyway, now the Indiana Jones tutorial is 14 views away from 100 and the Warp Pipe tutorial is 30 views away from 100! Let’s get some views!

Also, I am 4 subscribers away from 20! Let’s get some more subscribers!

Thanks for the support guys!

Once again, I spoke before YT had a chance to update my view count…


Thank you guys SO much for the support!

Gasp…the thread almost slipped of of the first page! Been a couple days since I bumped…so BUMP.

Getting close to ONE HUNDRED views on the Warp Pipe tutorial now!

And BTW, I won’t be posting a new tutorial today…but I will be posting a special video next Wednesday! The Wednesday after that is the day that I will be posting the next tutorial.

Don’t forget about the TWENTY subscribers goal! Still only FOUR away!

You must be joking. Yet again, I have spoken before YT had a chance to update my view count. The Warp Pipe tutorial has…


Awesome! Previously it was only at 77! The views almost DOUBLED! Now this tutorial (the most recent one) is the most viewed tutorial! Pretty crazy!

Thank you SO much for the support guys!

So Wednesday night, I checked my views, and the Prodigal Son tutorial reached…


I didn’t have a chance to post about it yesterday. Super busy. LOL.

But anyway, this is my first video to reach 200! Thank you very much for the support guys!

BTW, this also means that I was mistaken when I said that the Warp Pipe tutorial was the most viewed video, LOL. I seriously ALWAYS post about views right before YT updates them! What is the deal? LOL.

I couldn’t resist going ahead and posting that special video (I had said that I was going to post it on Wednesday in place of a tutorial)…so I posted my GA States freestyle yesterday! Check it out, I made a separate thread about it.

And good news here…instead of waiting until next Wednesday to post the next tutorial like I had said before, I decided to go ahead and make one, and it will be posted tomorrow! The trick will be an original Wrist Mount trick called Batman!

BTW, I am at 17 subscribers now! Only 3 away from my goal…

Here it is! Enjoy!

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


Only three subscribers away from my goal of twenty subscribers, so…


And also, I would love some feedback! LOL.

Here is my fifth tutorial! I hope you guys enjoy it! This one is an original 3D trick.

I would really like some FEEDBACK!

And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE…I only need three more subscribers to reach my goal of twenty!

P.S. Yes, I know that the camera was tilted too far downward, but of course, I realized this after I finished taping and had broken down my set up. Sorry about that! I hope that it doesn’t take away to much from the tutorial. I will make sure that that doesn’t happen next time.

And wow, now that the thumbnail is besides the thumbnails of my other tutorials, I realized that for some reason, it wasn’t as bright as usual…geez, hopefully the trick can make up for these goofs.

The trick definitely made up for the “goofs.” They were hardly anything. I didn’t actually notice that until you mentioned it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Other than that, great trick. I gotta learn it.

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Thanks, that makes me feel a LOT better, LOL.

This one has got to be my favorite trick of the ones I have taught so far.

The Batman tutorial is only 20 views away from 100 now, and the Gravity tutorial has reached 57 views! Lets get them both to 100!

Sorry about posting it so late! I was out of town, but luckily got home in time to publish it on Wednesday as usual.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the trick! It is pretty hard to do smoothly (which I obviously had a hard time doing when I presented the trick, LOL).

I would love some FEEDBACK!

And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! (I am only ONE away from my goal of TWENTY!)

BTW, this is going to be the last “My Originals” tutorial that I am going to do for a little while…I am out of material, LOL. I might do some “My Favorites” tutorials in the near future though.