"Waiting for..." Videos made while you wait!

(Sensei Dave) #1

Here’s the dilly-o!

A lot of us throw waiting in lines, for food, movies, etc. This thread is for cell phone created, single take, live sound, no edits. Under 2 mins!

Here’s my entry!

No prizes, just a fun idea!


(Sensei Dave) #2

Next! I hope more people jump on this… its fun!


I am going to get in on this soon.

More from me to come!

(Sensei Dave) #4

Nice dude!

(Sensei Dave) #5

Having tons of fun making these, but I feel like I am repeating myself. I keep reverting to tried and true tricks and ignoring other stuff in my arsenal. Time to take more chances?!?

(Sensei Dave) #6

I really like how the framing of this one looks. My car is turnings out to be my favorite tripod! Tried to be a little different in this one.

(Sensei Dave) #7

Pretty please someone else post some video? Pretty please with cherries on top?!?!?!?

(Sensei Dave) #8

Waiting outside the Pediatricians office with my oldest son, my wife had the baby inside.

This is my first video of my new Northstar!


so close to that spirit bomb! i see improvement in every vid nice work man how long have you been throwing? im gonna post a vid on here sometime soon, next time i catch myself waiting around for something.

(Sensei Dave) #10

Thanks man, I appreciate that. Honestly I’ve been throwing a lot longer than it looks, lol. Little over 3 years. I started late in life :wink:

Yeah I have MOST of the Spirit Bomb, I just can’t seem to land it back over and keep taking the cheat way out, lol. More of a Spirit Firecracker than a Bomb. I am enjoying making the videos but I really hope to see others up soon. Once I get my computer replaced and can edit I am gonna go video crazy. I am a good videographer and no editing is driving me nuts!

Thanks for watching though! I can’t wait to see yours!

(DOGS) #11


Was reading this thread, when I figured “Hey, I’m waiting for a call and heading out to dinner… but I have a minute.”

My mom had no clue I was filming, which I guess is pretty funny. I felt really awkward talking because of that…

(Sensei Dave) #12

P.C., that was amazing! The banter was perfect! Hope you took out the trash :wink:

What were you throwing?

(DOGS) #13

Of course!

I was throwing a Jason Wong anodized Punchline. Pretty pumped to have a competition pair now. I told myself earlier that the Punchline was one of the only yoyos worth getting two of.

I should post more of these. I have short clips online, but i think I’ll stick to posting recent ones.

(Connor) #14

I’ll throw up my camera right now and do one in my room! haha

1AM and got nothing to do. :stuck_out_tongue:


@ patrick!
that vid was really good and funny!! haha I think I am going to do a vid soon!

(Sensei Dave) #16

My oldest son Wes uploaded his first yo-yo video! He is 8 and could use some encouragement and pointers! Its called “Waiting for Dinner”. Enjoy!


Well a waiting for… video. I was running some errands in town and the fuel pump decided to call it quits. Broke down on the side of Coast highway 101, in Newport, Oregon. So i decided, “hmm, while im waiting on the AAA tow truck, why not film a couple throws??”
This was over two months ago, i’ve gotten ALOT better since then. But i was looking for a reason to upload this one. I like it for some reason. Yoyo is a beat to crap, YYF Genesis.
Also, dont buy a Hyundai anyone!!!
Good times.

(Connor) #18

Heres one from me. Just a real short new trick I got involving my non throw hand arm. Dont see too many people use their non throw hand arm. Gonna be working on incorperating some other stuff into this so keep an eye out for it in future vids.  :wink:

Isn’t much, but I thought I should contribute to the thread.  :slight_smile:


(Connor) #19

And one more just because. :stuck_out_tongue:



Killin it… Awesome man.