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working on editing and quality . Just going to get better from here guys!

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It was good, but the title did not have enough exclamation points :smiley: haha

hmmm ill add more next time ! lol

Good start! Some solid info, good delivery. You’re very personable, seem like a cool guy to hang out with, and that’s what’ll make people tune in instead of grabbing their news from blogs like yoyonews. Didn’t know about the G2 triton/albatross launch, happy to hear about that.

Some thoughts and criticisms I had:

  • You did address this in the video so I feel like you know already, but video editing needs improvement desperately. When you cut to product shots, do it in realtime with the audio feed still going - the way it is now, with the video pausing for a second to show a logo or yoyo, it’s very jarring when that background noise disappears and kicks back in. Better yet, if its an irregular shape like the YYF logo, put it to the side while you’re talking picture-in-picture. Find some kind of sound effect to play when an image pops up, so if we’re listening passively we know to glance over.

  • the background noise of your daughter is kind of an adorable little quality, but you could get rid of it really easily with a directional or clip-on mic. I don’t mind the occasional background thump, but the constant room reverb of a mic placed too far from the speaker gets to me after a bit. I realize mics aren’t free, but yeah, if you’re gonna make investments into the show, that’d be a good place to start.

  • I’d try to quicken up the pace a little. I don’t mean in terms of speaking faster, I mean in terms of spending less time on each subject. We kinda got the idea about the HOT after the first few seconds, segment went on a little long. Better to have a zippy 10 minute show than a bloated 16 minute one.

  • Guests / co-hosts! Not sure where you live, but any kind of yoyo-related guest would be good. The trouble with the monologue format is it gets a little dry after a while, always nice to have someone to banter with.

Thanks for putting the effort in, I hope you continue making these and that the show gets bigger as it goes.

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Good stuff :wink:

This is nice but could be better you tend be a little bit long in describing some yoyos which really isn’t needed. The intro was too long for
My taste. In my opinion if it’s under 15 seconds it’s good but otherwise you will start losing my attention. Also it would be nice in the beginning of the video if you could tell your viewers what you will be covering in your video topics on Yoyo stuff wise. Oh and don’t mention Yoyo news in your video you want your place to be the one stop shop for all the Yoyo needed info so don’t mention them.

I like it. The show has a lot of potential and could really grow to be a great resource for the community. The editing needs some work but that comes with time and for a first episode this is great. Awesome Idea I can’t wait to see where this’ll go.

I really liked this! Looking forward to the next episode! I also followed on instagram.

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How’s the title now. :smiley:

Thank you so much for the awesome review. I have the money to buy what I need I just don’t know how to put it to use. I would love to add a mic I just don’t know how to connect it to my camera but im researching it. Im working on some guest and a lot of new stuff behind the scenes ! Stay tuned for improvements!

also my current editing software will not allow me to do the audio and pics at the same time . I hope I can find something better soon.

Thank you so much ! My goal is to serve the community. I do not make a dime off this. It actually cost me to produce every episode. I hope I can serve you all well.

ha you win my friend

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thank you for the advice Abby :slight_smile:

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I really like your idea here. Really really like it.
I’m going to talk to my sponsor, Big Yoyo String, and see if he wants to hop on board to help you out :slight_smile:
Keep put the good work. I look forward to this series. And Josh gave you excellent tips, I agree with him.

thanks ! I talked to jake . I didn’t have any luck. oh well

stay tuned only going to get better !

got some awesome stuff in the works !

I watched the episode. I personally don’t think you really need to make the quality of the video any more professional. It is a matter of whether that is the look you are going for. I think you can work with what you have. I have seen so many popular Youtube channels where the editing is not great. I heard you very well, I could see you very well, and I could see the images you displayed very well. I think it depends on how polished you want your Youtube channel to look. If you go for a rougher look, you don’t have to invest as much money and time, and your viewers will come to realize it is just the look of the show. In terms of criticism, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned anything about your editing ability. Those who noticed, noticed, but those who didn’t notice had some further attention drawn to it as a result. I thought it looked fine. Just my personal opinion.

I like the fact that you give people credit, in terms of the sources and images you used for information. It reflects that you will give credit where credit is due, and I think it will attract companies who will support you. I think it would be great to link to any and all sources in the description, so that anyone who wants further information can refer to the source from your video. For example, if you refer to a yoyonews.com article, link to it in the description. If you refer to a YoyoExpert store image, link to that product page on the site, and so on. I think I would actually take the credit a step further. I think that will be in your favor in forming relationships with companies.

I think the show will be beneficial to those who prefer video instead of reading or listening to yoyoradio to find out what’s going on. It provides some sound bites, in a short format, with visuals. I would agree that keeping the show within 12 minutes, and outlining the information you will cover at the beginning, would be a lot better. I don’t know how well it might catch on with yoyonews.com, YYE blog, Facebook, Instagram, yoyoradio and so on. But, I think if you enjoy it, and it catches on with a core audience, you’re doing something worthwhile.

I’m curious to see where it goes from here.

I like it. I don’t really have any criticisms really. Nobody else is doing anything like this “in America”, so keep it up. I think as long as you continue to do the show you’ll get better at knowing how to create and deliver the content. If you keep it up and really dedicate yourself I think it could blow up.

I subscribed!

You were able to keep my interest for the duration of the video! Which is fantastic!

This is a very neat idea and I look forward to future videos!

Finally someone understands !!! I love this reply ! This is the look of my show . I like it self produced like it is . I don’t mind the quality of it at all lol. I am working on improving the quality . I also am about to add a little comedy to the show.

Thank you for taking the time to reply