All Time Favorite YoYo Videos?

What are your favorite yoyo videos? Been watching different videos on youtube and vimeo, got me wondering what everyone’s favorites are.

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This will be a fun thread.

I have to say the Zach Gormley AC2 Freestyle video. I love to watch that one over and over again.

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Post links so we can watch!! :slight_smile:

Charles Haycock’s Golden age. Best video of all time, so beautiful

Ill vibes and the bonfire promo video.

Yup ill vibes.


Oh man this is a toughie. Maybe one of Yuukis old nationals videos, for nostalgia, as well as the 888x video, also for nostalgia. I also love with all my heart Jesse Christe perspective, Mike Montgomeries let’s plays, as well as a few others that I don’t remember the names to. All in all, Jesse Christe Perspective is da best to me.

Ah I love watching yoyo videos. I browse youtube and yoyonews for new videos every day, I love seeing all the different styles and edits that people put together.

My favourite of all time has got to be Tatsuya Fujisaka’s WYYC 2013 Teaser:

Not just because Tatsuya is one of my favourite players to watch, but I love the feel and editing of the video as well. Gets me amped to throw every time. :smiley:

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Herding Cats slo-mo edit is very well made. Kendama but whatever :stuck_out_tongue:

That is apersonel favorite of mine as well, i thought he would win worlds for sure after watching that.

Great production and shots, nice throwing and easy to watch all the way through. Ann makes yoyoing look fun.

Bias much? lol jk I like that vid.

It is a tie between these 2. MARCUS KOH FTW.

Jason Lee “History”, Augie Fash “Hometown Hero” (even though he’s not happy Augie in that one). I have a soft spot for Spin Dynamics’ “Berkshire Flow”.

This is my favorite.

I’d like to add to this thread…What would you guys say are you favorite Instructional Yo-Yo Trick Videos, as well? I think most of the stuff that has been posted is Freestyle.

Ooooooh Man.  That was pretty good.

Personal fav here:


Qoute from youtube comments - “That dude can probably juggle water”.


Of course I like this one too:

Well i HAVE to put these three. the tricks, the style and the creativity just make me wanna pick up a yoyo everytime i watch one of these three. You guys should SERIOUSLY watch these

Kurti’s tech is amazing and so is his creativity! I have sooo many instagram trickcircles that were inspired by him

Of course Zach Gormley’s creativity is AMAZING. To me the AC2 freestyle video lacked the contest energy that Zach has during routines. But of course this isn’t the AC2 freestyle! What makes this video even better is that zach went CLEAN for the first 1:18. Even though the filming is pretty bad, this video needs to be in this thread.

OHHHHH man that style during this Jensen freestyle. it is out of this world and just by watching you can tell that Jensen has too much experience with throwing. Once again this deserves a spot in this thread.

You guys seriously you HAVE to see these three videos.

Do you like Marcus Koh?  :wink:

Oh and I love this one too: